Blair facing must-improve season?


Pro Basketball Talk’s Matt Moore took on the Spurs in his latest installment of what teams should do when the lockout ends.

DeJuan BlairMoore talked about the Spurs having a great regular season, just to see it all unfold in the playoffs. While Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker looked to be in great condition all season, Ginobili’s injury at the end of the season did nothing to help the Spurs to make a deep playoff run.

So what should the Spurs do when the lockout is over.

Moore said the Spurs need to shift their focus back on the defensive end.

Get back their identity. The Spurs won championships with defense, consistent but plodding offense, discipline, and rebounding. They have drifted too far towards what I refer to as “Matt Bonner Land.” Bonner’s an awesome guy. He’s also a huge defensive liability who can’t rebound and is only on the floor for this excellent three-point shooting. The Spurs need fewer Matt Bonners and more Fabricio Obertos (only healthy). Their focus needs to turn away from offense and back to defense. The offense will be there with the big three plus the supporting cast. But scheming for defense, even if it’s difficult given the specific talent on roster. 

Moore also said DeJuan Blair is facing a must-improve season. He shined in hsi rookie year, but didn’t improve enough his second year, and was probably most impressive playing in the rookie-sophomore game during All-Star weekend.

As if trading George Hill for Kawhi Leonard on draft day wasn’t enough, Moore said the Spurs still need a “makeover.”

The bigger question for the Spurs may be answering the question of whether they’re through or not. Tony Parker denied saying that the window was closed, but all of the Big Three have been honest and upfront about the short timespan they have left. If making another run is imperative, the Spurs need a makeover, immediately. Otherwise, they’ll just be treading water when the lockout ends, going through the motions.

Parker and Ginobili apear to be in midseason form while playing in the FIBA Americas Championship and Eurobasket, and Kawhi Leonard and James Anderson will get their chance to shine in the Impact Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas, which started today.