DeJuan Blair can relate to Tebow


Judging by San Antonio Spurs' DeJuan Blair’s Twitter feed, I guess he’s a Steelers fan. That makes sense, seeing as how he’s from Pittsburgh and went to high school and college there. He was watching the game on Sunday, cheering on his team but also had an interesting comment about a well-known player on the other team.

The Steelers were playing the New York Jets on Sunday, which means they were playing against Tim Tebow. While watching the game, Blair tweeted that he can relate to the high-profile backup quarterback.


I can only speculate but I’d have to say Blair is referring to the fact that Tebow is a “talented” player that doesn’t get the playing time he deserves. I put “talented” in quotes because I don’t think Tebow has anywhere near enough talent to play quarterback in the NFL, but I’m guessing Blair disagrees.

After getting under-utilized in this past season’s playoffs, Blair might be feeling a little out of place, just like Tebow on the Jets. He might feel like he deserves more playing time.

Well he’ll get another chance this season. Blair has shown inconsistent play over his three-year NBA career and that’s probably why he hardly played at all against Oklahoma City in the Western Conference finals. But it’s a new year, and another chance to prove himself.

What do you guys think? Is DeJuan Blair the Tim Tebow of the NBA (minus all the outspoken Christianity stuff)?

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