Big bro Parker applauds Mavs' Mahinmi


Former San Antonio Spurs player Ian Mahinmi won his first NBA title with the Dallas Mavericks making him the third French player to win a title behind Spurs’ Tony Parker who has three.

Now that Mahinmi has a title under his belt, Parker, who Mahinmi considered a big brother while in San Antonio, contacted him to extend his congratulations:

“This is a great pride. Especially after having met in San Antonio. [He] was a big brother to me when I was at Spurs, he was very [kind] to me. When we won the title, he sent me a message to congratulate me and it really warms the heart.Being second or third French with Rodrigue (Beaubois: the other French of Dallas did not participate in the final) to lift the trophy is really an honor.”

Classy move by Parker.

Sure Spurs fans may be annoyed Dallas finally won a title but perhaps those Spurs fans should take a page out of Parker’s book and congratulate Dallas.

Oh and when Mahinmi was asked how he is different from his rookie season with the Spurs to today, Mahinmi says the difference is huge:

“The difference is huge. I am no longer the same player. I have the age, weight, experience. I evolved as a player. In one year, if we have the same conversation, I am no longer the same. At basketball, I changed. But as a man I stay the same.”

Congratulations Dallas and Ian! Enjoy it.

(photo: reuters)