Bertans sees February or March as return date to court


As San Antonio Spurs 2011 draftee (via an Indiana Pacers trade) Davis Bertans continues to heal and recover from a torn ACL injury he had an operation on this summer, a tentative timetable has been mentioned by Bertans in an article with

Bertans says that if his recovery continues to stay on schedule, he could see himself making a full comeback to the basketball court by either February or March. In the article, Bertans also discusses how the Spurs played a key part in his recovery.

Bertans on his tentative timetable:

A more realistic option is February or March. Nobody here wants to rush, and I myself also believe that these few months will not be decisive in my career. "

In the article, Bertans goes into full detail on exactly what procedures he took part in with the Spurs in doing his rehab stint. Bertans also mentioned that when the Spurs had to leave for Las Vegas for the 2013 Summer League, he also had to go with the team because the medical and training staff would be traveling with the team.

Today, Bertans says he's able to shoot free throws but isn't allowed to shoot any jumpers as he doesn't want to put any lifting motion on his knee. He also says in about two more months he should physically be ready to start running again.

Lastly, Bertans was very grateful for the Spurs in showing that he means a lot to them as they were a key part in his recovery as he states in the article.

"Judging by the way they take care of me, I really gained confidence that this club, in the future, will count on me. Don't know how distant or near future, but this attitude is admirable and very pleasant, and it makes me even more to realize that this injury will not change anything. In a way, may even be beneficial," Davis was very happy with the San Antonio Spurs' attitudes and concerns about his health and recovery process.