Baynes’ work ethic a testament of his old coach


From interviews with people who know him and the man himself, you know that Aron Baynes could be an answer to the San Antonio Spurs' prayers.

His worth ethic and determination both ends of the floor make him a rare player we don't see much in the NBA. Unlike specialists or one dimensional players in recent years, Baynes is a player who prides himself in scoring, rebounding, defending, and whatever else the team needs him to do. That type of character has a lot to do with the player himself, but he does need some molding along the way.

Aaron Fearne, Baynes' Cairns now former Taipans coach, had a lot to do with that. He's credited for helping Aron's development to the player he is today.

In an interview with, we get a bit more insight about his former coach and his philosophy.

"He has a philosophy about the way the game should be played and he's instilled that in a lot of players he's coached….I try and do whatever the team needs at the time and if that means getting your hands dirty, or being an energy guy, that's what I'm willing to do. In some ways there is that similarity about how he played and how I play."

Baynes seems to have all the attributes the Spurs have been lacking since their last championship. The team no longer has a strong inside presence with Tim Duncan not being able to constantly back down opponents like he used to and the Spurs have had trouble rebounding since then also.

They no longer have a tough inside presence with intangibles since Robert Horry retired either and it seems Baynes brings a little bit of everything the team is lacking. It'll be exciting to see if Aron can duplicate the same game he had overseas to the NBA.

The players in the league here are more stronger and physical than overseas and it doesn't seem Baynes will be bothered by it since that's his style. His play might also leave a crack on the championship window for the Spurs and a few more years of Duncan in a Spurs uniform.

It's all speculation, but Baynes is in a unique situation with a contending team with no egos where his hype won't play a big part for a while and that's something that could make the Spurs extremely dangerous. That's something Spurs fans wouldn't have without Aaron Fearns mentoring a young Aron Baynes into the player he's become today.

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