Baynes: It’s about complementing what’s in place with Spurs

Aron Baynes joined the San Antonio Spurs during the middle of this past season. He wasn’t able to develop a consistent role, but he was able to help in the playoffs by giving the Spurs an extra big body to throw at Dwight Howard. When Tiago Splitter had to miss Game 4 with an injured ankle, Baynes stepped into the starting lineup and held his own defensively against Howard, who some believe is the best center in the NBA.
This is the first offseason Baynes has had with the Spurs and he’s hoping to make the most of his opportunity. Baynes recently said that San Antonio was a team that intrigued him and he wanted to be a part of.
"San Antonio is one of the best organizations in professional sport in the world. That was certainly part of my decision to go."
"I went in mid-way through the season so I knew there wasn't going to be much room for change. It was more about complementing what was already in place.”
Spurs fans always love a big guy who can finish around the rim and Baynes at 6’10” is certainly capable of that. Defensively he is one of the better post defenders coming off the bench, but his physical recklessness is still something he needs to adjust to fit the NBA’s style of game. 
Whether or not Baynes can carve out a spot in the rotation remains to be seen, but it never hurts to have an extra big body on the roster.
Do Spurs fans think Baynes will crack the rotation this year?