Bayless abandons “his” Spurs, predicts elimination in first round


Skip Bayless is off the San Antonio Spurs bandwagon. They're not "his" Spurs anymore. In fact, he thinks they're out the first round because of the Tracy McGrady signing.

Spurs had TMac during camp, now reaching for him in desperation. Averaged 7 a game last 3 NBA seasons. Once again won't get out of 1st rd. (@RealSkipBayless)

Bayless may be going on a huge stretch on this. It's not a stretch the Spurs aren't as scary as they used to be to opponents, but more or less that he's putting the emphasis on the signing that will determine San Antonio's fate.

McGrady may play a huge part, but he's certainly not going to be the main focus of the Spurs' offense. He'll likely come off the bench for Kawhi Leonard, who may likely average more than 30mpg if the first round gets tough for San Antonio. T-Mac will likely be the 8th player in the rotation with the starting five followed by Manu Ginobili and whatever big off the bench Gregg Popovich decides to go with for the injured Boris Diaw.

Skip may have jumped off the bandwagon, but it's too premature to jump off because of McGrady. Unlike previous years where he was the superstar of the team, he won't shoulder the burden of the team this season. The Spurs' mentality is also different from the Atlanta Hawks, his last NBA team. The Spurs are more of a ball movement club who wants the best shot available over an isolation heavy offense.

If that wasn't enough for Skip, he went farther this morning after it was official that the Lakers would be the Spurs' first round opponent.

Spurs fans: I love your team but I have to be honest. What have you seen in last 20 games that makes you believe they can anybody, even LA?

Spurs 10-10 in last 20, 3-7 in last 10. TRIED for feel-good win last nite at home and got blown out 2nd half by TWolves! Sorry, Lakers in 6.

Lakers have won 8 of 9 and 5 in a row including 3 straight over playoff teams and 1 over Spurs. DHoward re-energized on D w/o Kobe. LA in 6.

As great as he's been, TDuncan at 37 will have problems w/ Dwight/Gasol. TParker can't push off ankle/get to rim. Manu rusty, gimpy. LAin6.

All these statements may make you think he's on a Lakers bandwagon, but S.A. are apparently still "his" team after all today.


What do you think Spurs fans? Is Skip jumping off the bandwagon too early?

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