Basketball For Beginners: 4 Tips To Find The Perfect Pair Of Shoes

As a beginner basketball player, one of the exciting aspects of making the team is getting a new pair of sneakers to play in. However, as exciting as this is, keep in mind that basketball, just like most high-performance sports, can cause strain on your legs and feet. 

Due to this, choosing the correct gear can be crucial in preventing injury while allowing you to showcase your talents. Furthermore, a high-quality pair can help you focus on your game and not break your attention to worry about your feet. 

The perfect basketball shoes can be defined as a pair that can enhance your performance so you can play at your best. They should also limit the tension exerted on your legs so you can traverse over the court comfortably. 

With that said, here are some tips to help you find the perfect pair of basketball shoes.

  1. Go With Your Playing Style 

How you play on the court is an important consideration when choosing the type of shoe that will put you at an advantage. Additionally, analyzing your playing style for what moves you frequently do, can help you evaluate the suitability of the shoes you’ll eventually buy. 

If you’re playing style is all about being nimble and elusive, then you’ll benefit from shoes that provide optimal ankle support. This is so that you can maneuver and rotate your lower legs without straining your muscles too much. 

If you tend to play strong and defensively, then sneakers with a strong floor grip will work in your favor to avoid slipping or skidding. In this case, you can choose a shoe with a tighter fit that’s still within the realm of your comfort.  

There’s always the option to buy basketball shoes online – that way, you can have all the information in one place and at your disposal. This is also a convenient way to check shoe availability and to compare the features of each pair.

  1. Go With Your Playing Position 

Your role on the court is another ideal way to help discern the type of shoe you’ll need. Each position demands certain skills, and thus a specific type of shoe to assist playability. 

The Guard positions need players to be quick on their feet and agile with their movements. Choosing lightweight shoes such as low tops offers better flexibility to navigate the court without being hindered by the weight of the shoe. Low tops sit just below your ankle and thus, can provide more freedom to do high jumps and sprinting. 

Some of the top winning centers are known to be powerful and strong offense players. Selecting shoes that are heavier in the outer soles like high tops can provide better foot support. They rise just above the ankle to keep it firm and ease the pressure your rougher style places on your lower leg.  

If you’re playing in a forward’s position, then mid-tops can empower you to be versatile and dynamic. These shoes sit directly at ankle level and are the best middle ground between high tops and low tops. They allow fast movement for strong defensive playing and easy adjusting to playing different positions in each game. 

  1. Go With Design 

Basketball shoes are made with different designs to cater to the unique preferences and playing styles of each player. However, every shoe is made up of the same components for a standardized ergonomic structure. The shoes are made up of three main parts: the upper, the midsole, and the outsole. 

The upper is the front part of the shoes where laces are weaved in. It secures the foot in the shoe and comes in varying heights and attached tongues to suit a player’s comfort. 

The midsole is the highest area of impact when you’re moving around. As such, a sneaker made from durable cushioning could lessen your post-game soreness on your sole area. If you’re concerned with how jumping can affect your feet, you can choose shoes with a gel insert in the midsole for extra support and comfort. 

The outsole is the back area that helps anchor the ball of your shoes to the flooring material, which can greatly influence the gameplay. If your position relies on balance to shoot, then try looking for outsoles made of rubber to give adequate lift and impact absorption.  

  1. Go With Your Personality 

The final stage of finding the best athletic shoes should be all about your personal taste. Since basketball shoes can be worn at games and off-court, let them reflect your style and authenticity too.

Customization has been a trend among fans and players alike for decades. It’s a way of injecting your personality and interests into your shoes. This can be done by changing the colors of the laces or sending them off to a designer to paint them in your chosen art style. 

Today, basketball shoes have become a staple of popular culture and streetwear fashion. There is a whole sneaker culture surrounding the buying, trading, and showing off sneakers as a status symbol. 


Finding shoes to support your burgeoning basketball career can be approached from three points. You can consider your playing position, playing style, or the design of the shoe. 

After this, it’s time to have a bit of fun by matching your shoe needs with a style that suits your personality. If you can’t find the one that matches the functionality and your personal taste, you can get your ideal pair sent in to be customized. 

With all things considered, you should keep in mind that these shoes should work to serve your athleticism. Your chosen shoes shouldn’t distract you by being too tight, heavy or make you fear injury or pain. In this way, you can guarantee that you have found your perfect pair.