Barkley continues to think the Spurs are overrated


The San Antonio Spurs own the NBA’s best record at 49-11. They have gone on 12 and 10 game winning streaks, are 2-0 against the Los Angeles Lakers, have split the two meetings with the Dallas Mavericks, and are 3-0 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder this season.

Undoubtedly, the Spurs are the best in the NBA and in Texas.

But don’t tell that to TNT’s Charles Barkley who has been insistent all season long the Spurs are not the best team in the NBA or in the state of Texas.

Well it seems the Chuckster is at it again, this time saying the Mavericks can beat the Spurs, and even puts the Lakers above the San Antonio.

Oh and just for good measure, Barkley feels the the Thunder can beat the Spurs in the playoffs.

Though he does mention the Spurs do lack size, which Spurs fans tend to agree, it seems Barkley may need to re-evaluate his thoughts about the Spurs.

“Well, see the problem is that is one of the reasons I can’t predict a winner right now because the way it ends right now I think Dallas can beat the Spurs but I am not sure that they can beat the Lakers and right now they are scheduled to play in the second round of the playoffs.  I got Dallas and the Lakers ahead of the Spurs to be honest with you.  To be honest with you, if the season ended today I think Oklahoma City can beat the Spurs because I think the Spurs are a little overrated to be honest with you because I think they play very hard, they play very smart but I think they are missing a big guy to be honest with you.  Tim Duncan is struggling on the downside of his career but I just don’t think they don’t get enough easy baskets because their two best players are Parker and Ginobili, and I love Ginobili, but I believe in jump shooters being your go-to guy to be honest, that was my only knock on Oklahoma City.  I always tell people you don’t win with jump shots.  They have gotten better around the basket defensively but I think Dallas and the Lakers are the two best teams in the West.”  (sportsradiointerviews)

Alright Spurs fans time to chime in with your thoughts. You think Barkley makes good points about the Spurs or is he just full of it?