Bailing on our team…I don’t think so!


“Thanks” to Mr. Irrelevant’s Sports Blog, TrueHoop and Sports Orbis for linking to the ProjectSpurs blog. Normally, I’d be flattered by being linked by other blogs, but when we are linked with the words: “Don’t look now, but Spurs fans are jumping ship”. and “Last year…two Spurs bloggers completely bailed on their team after a few losses. It’s happening again” it’s more like no thanks.
When I launched the Four Quarters Blog, I felt like it would be a good place for us to let loose in our writing and have some fun, as well as post blogs pregame, during and post game. We have a place to write news and feature articles right on the website.
The post the blogs above are linking and referring to is one written by Jeff Garcia, a dedicated ProjectSpurs writer and Spurscast co-host. It is titled “Post Game Blog — Game 4 — Warning, explicit rant coming at you……” which he wrote directly after a heart-wrenching loss to the Kings.
Let’s get this straight. Jeff and I are die-hard San Antonio Spurs fans. And as a true fan of your team, you are overjoyed with the wins and feel the losses deeply, espicially when you think or now that team is capable of playing much better. I’ve actually made the point several times on the Spurscast that we may be critical of the Spurs, but it’s just becasue we are huge fans and know they can play better.
So after a game four in which, let’s be honest, the Spurs played terrible, Jeff let it all out and posted his explicit rant. Does it make him less of a Spurs fan? No way. In fact after that game four, he went on eBay and spent good money on a few items with the name of the team that he is supposedly bailing on. Hell, I even went out and bought two Spurs t-shirts and a Tony Parker All-Star jersery. Not that buying Spurs merchandise makes us bigger fans, but even after that tough loss, we are still supporting them.
Plus, if we all we did was write positive “I love the Spurs,” “Manu is the Latin Jesus” homerific posts about the Spurs, you think anyone would want to read this blog in the first place without thinking we are 12-year old girls.
Thanks for the links guys, but you are dead wrong if you think we are giving up on our team. We’ve been through too much (i.e., Stephon Marbury bank-in three, 0.4) to bail out because our team lost a few games to the Kings.
-Michael A. De Leon
Die-Hard Spurs Fan