Available free agents. Who should the Spurs consider?


The San Antonio Spurs have done a decent job over the summer retooling the roster. This team is definitely better than a year ago with the addition of Tiago Splitter, James Anderson and Gary Neal. Nonetheless, improvements to the the current lineup can still be done. In particular at the small forward position and they can use another big man for insurance.

With regards to their financial situation, the Spurs have little room to maneuver. They only have the bi-annual exception worth $2 million and around $1.7-1.8 million left over from the mid-level exception that they can offer to available free agents.

Here is a list of free agents the Spurs could target despite their limited funds to help improve their roster for the upcoming season.

Jarvis Hayes – 6’8″ Small Forward, 7 year pro

Why should the Spurs sign him? He has good size for a small forward, handles the ball pretty well and can drive to the basket. This guy is active on defense and can still score, last season he averaged 7.8 points and 2.4 rebounds in 45 games for the New Jersey Nets.

Why should he join the Spurs? Throughout his career, he hasn’t have the chance to play for winning team, the Spurs present that option. Playing a supporting role on a winning team that can possibly compete for the NBA title could get him going.

Rodney Carney – 6’7″ Forward, 4 year pro

Why should the Spurs sign him? He will add youth, athleticism and depth for the Spurs at the Small Forward position and his freakish wingspan (6’10”) is a nice asset. With those gifts, he could be a good perimeter defender for the Spurs.

Why should he join the Spurs? It’s a shame that with Carney’s athletic gifts and talent, his game has yet to translate into an NBA level. However, the Spurs are in need of a perimeter defender and Carney could be that guy. With a defined role, a great coach and an effective system; he could finally find his niche in the league.

Bobby Simmons – 6’6″ Guard-Forward, 8 year pro

Why should the Spurs sign him? Despite being a little old for NBA standards at 30, he is one of the better available free agent wing in the market. He is a 40% career 3-point shooter, can score and defend well. His selfless approach and attitude towards the game has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches.

Why should he join the Spurs? He had a down year last season and what could help him revive his basketball career? Playing for a winning team like the Spurs could certainly help in gaining his confidence back and regaining his old form.

Louis Amundson – 6’9″ Forward, 4 year pro

Why should the Spurs sign him? He was a key player off the bench for the Phoenix Suns last season. He will bring energy, toughness and rebounding to the team and is quite effective on the inside shooting 53.9% from the field for his career. His similar style of play with DeJuan Blair might make the Spurs think twice but another big man on the team wouldn’t hurt.

Why should he join the Spurs? Should the Suns decide to let him go, what do you think is the best thing to do? Joining a rival team in the Western Conference where you have to most chance to play against you’re former team is a good option. The Spurs fits into that category.

Fabricio Oberto – 6’10” Center, 5 year pro

Why should the Spurs sign him? He played great along side Tim Duncan during his time in San Antonio and is good at setting up picks and screens. He knows the Spurs’ system quite well and was an effective player during his time with the Spurs, helping the the team win a championship in 2007.

Why should he join the Spurs? Another chance to play alongside one of the greatest big man of all time (Tim Duncan) should be enough reason. Add the fact that he could again team up with his fellow Argentinean countryman Manu Ginobili and this deal looked sealed and delivered.

There you have it Spurs fans. Which player(s) do you think the Spurs should add to make them better? Did we miss a free agent that could possibly help the Spurs? Send us your thoughts.