Spurs news and notes: Ginobili on Spurs making no trades, Tim Duncan, Red Auerbach, and more


• By now all San Antonio Spurs fans have heard what Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Terry has said about the Spurs but now Mavericks’ Jason Kidd chimed in:

“We don’t mind that. When you look at the defending champs, the Lakers, and how San Antonio’s playing and then Boston and then you have Miami. You talk about those teams and when you do talk about those teams, we’ve beat those teams. We don’t have to be talked about til June and hopefully we’ll be the one team representing the Western Conference.” (sportsradiointerviews.com)

• The Spurs did not make any trades prior to the NBA trade deadline but what does Spurs’ Manu Ginobili have to say about the team standing pat?










• Check out this video starring Spurs’ Tim Duncan and legendary Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach on Duncan’s bank-shot:


• Express News’ Tim Griffin spoke about there being no rest for the Spurs despite the lead in the Southwest Division.

Hit the jump to read about Spurs legend George Gervin in India, former Spur Steve Smith giving back to his alma mater, and more.

• Spurs great George Gervin is in India to conduct basketball clinics and to promote healthy lifestyles:

“Teamwork is more than just passing the ball,” he boomed down a microphone, as ball after ball spun upwards from his bucket hands, slipped easily through the hoop and bounced down off the court.

“It’s about communication,” the 58-year-old former San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls star told the 70 or so boys and girls sat cross-legged on the ground in front of him, none of whom would have seen him in his prime. (afp.com)

• Yahoo! Sports talks about the most points scored by a player in one half in NBA history and Spurs legend Gervin was discussed:

George Gervin – 53 points

On that same April 9, 1978 night George Gervin of the San Antonio Spurs also scored 53 points in the first half vs the New Orleans Jazz. Gervin was just fractions of a point ahead of David Thompson for the scoring title to start that day and then needed to score 59 points in his game to win the title after Thompson poured in 73 points earlier in the day to take the lead.

Gervin scored 20 points in the 1st quarter and then dropped in a league best for one quarter 33 points in the 2nd quarter. So Gervin scored 53 points in the 1st half. Remarkably he missed the first 6 shots he took in the game and did not score from the field over the first 5:31 in the game. He went on to score 63 points in the game and win the scoring title by fractions of a point over Thompson.

Carmelo Anthony has since tied George Gervin’s record of 33 points in one quarter but Melo only scored 45 total points in the game so he did not score over 50 points in a half.

• Former Spurs player Steve Smith is giving back to his alma mater Michigan State:

“From day one, something that I wanted to do was give back to Detroit and the state of Michigan,” Smith says. “The way it was presented, it was just something that made sense for me, to be able to build a student academic center on Michigan State’s campus and for me to have a scholarship fund for my neighborhood.” (bigten.org)

• Pounding the Rock talks about loyalty and the Spurs.

(video woai.com)