Audio: Project Spurs on MemphiSport Live


Kevin and Marcus of MemphiSport Live (WHBQ in Memphis) invited me as a guest on their show Saturday afternoon to talk about "tablegate" and my editorial on the topic.

They asked about my initial thoughts when it was confirmed, made a case for how Paul McCartney could get a table and wished San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker had opted for some Memphis BBQ that might've slowed him up a bit entering Game 3.

Thanks to Kevin and Marcus for having me on to set a few things straight.



Note: Since this is hopefully the last time this topic is brought up on Project Spurs, I did want to point out an excellent comment from a Memphis resident on the original post. The commenter, Dallas Lavergne made some great points that I think are right on the mark.

Also Tony Parker has also denied that he was denied service at said restaurant.

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