Audio: Matt Bonner on the latest lockout news, playing overseas


As everyone waits for the outcome of tomorrow’s meetings between the league and the players on a new CBA, San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner visited the Fan 590 in Toronto to give the latest news surrounding the CBA negotiations.

Bonner, the vice president on the Executive Board of the NBA Players Association, speculates there is a sliver of optimism due to a few small-group sessions but he isn’t holding his breath. 

He also reacted to David Falk’s opinion on the posturing both sides are making saying he does agree with Falk and says only when games are in danger of being canceled will sides come off the posturing.

Interesting, Bonner did say he has looked to play overseas but uprooting his family, age, and contract with the Spurs are holding him back from making the move. However, he did not rule out the possibility of playing overseas should the season be lost.

Listen to the audio below to hear Bonner say he does not believe the owners are losing money, his opinion on players heading overseas, Kobe Bryant’s possible move to Italy, and more.