ASVEL GM discusses Turiaf joining team


RTAs news came out on Sunday about the New York Knicks’ Ronny Turiaf looking to join San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker and ASVEL, the General Manager of ASVEL has spoken about the opportunity and leadership Turiaf can bring to the young team.

We are very pleased with the arrival of Rony in the team , said Laurent Foirest, general manager of the ASVEL. It’s an impact player, he will bring us that we lack the hardness at the interior since the beginning of the season. Like Tony, he has to share its experience to our players, young and foreign, so they can move forward.”

Turiaf didn’t play in the 2011 Eurobasket due to an injury that sidelined him for the tournament. Now he and Parker will have the chance to own the French league for as many games until the lockout ends. Then again, that’s if the lockout ends.

Having two NBA players on one team against mediocre players does make you question if Parker and Turiaf will even get the adequate training they need due to the level of competition. Right now, these sorts of games are the only option to get runs in for NBA players as all are uncertain when or if the NBA lockout will end.