As Tony Parker’s star rises in France, his humility shines through

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker has accumulated many accolades along his path to NBA stardom. After five All-Star selections, three NBA championships, a Finals MVP, two All-NBA Second Teams, and an All-NBA Third Team, Tony added to that list by leading his French national team to a long sought after EuroBasket gold medal, as well as tourney MVP honors.
In his native country of France, national sports daily L’Equipe recently held a poll to find out who ranks as the greatest athletes in French sports history. Tony commanded a solid 48 percent of the votes out of 24,000 pollsters, beating out legendary footballers such as Platini and Zidane.

In response to being asked about the poll recently, Tony responded with unsurprising humility.   

"I saw that. I was a little bit surprised, because, man, when you talk about Zidane and Platini, that’s huge in France," said Parker. "They’re like gods over there, so just to be mentioned in the same sentence as Zidane and Platini, it feels good, it’s nice."  

So what is your reaction to the poll results, Spurs fans? Is Parker at the pinnacle of French sports heroes.