Arroyo still frustrated with Game 7 loss to Spurs in 2005 Finals


Carlos Arroyo might be thinking about his future as to whether he will be playing overseas or not due to the NBA lockout but the past still frustrates him.

And that frustration is due to the San Antonio Spurs.

Arroyo was part of the 2005 Detroit Pistons. A team which face the Spurs in the classic NBA Finals series which went seven games with the Spurs capturing their third NBA title.

But that was six years ago. Surely it’s water under the bridge for Arroyo, right? Think again.

In an interview with, Arroyo is still frustrated at losing to the Spurs in the Finals and a chance to get an NBA championship ring of his own:

Dime: With J.J. winning a title, are you at all a little frustrated…you were a part of the Pistons team that lost Game 7…
CA: …Yeah, Game 7 in San Antonio man (chuckles).

Oh to be so close.

However, Spurs fans can sympathize with Arroyo as the Spurs have been on the wrong end of a seven-game series. Who can forget the 1990 Spurs-Blazers playoff series or more recently, the 2006 Spurs-Mavericks playoff series. 

Both still stings Spurs fans.