Writer recounts Ginobili’s summer journey


For writer Rodrigo Alves of Globo.com, one of the final opportunities to see San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili live and wearing the Argentine uniform was a treat.

Alves wrote a great piece as he recounts Ginobili’s past few weeks with the Argentine national team. He discusses the non-stop fans and media who are trying to cheer for Ginobili and get an autograph from him at any moment. He also talks about some key games in the tournament where Ginobili, even at the age of 34, would put the team on his back and lead them to victory.

In each game, the scene repeats. Presented by the speaker of the gym, the wing 34 years applause and shouts of crazed fans. The reaction is the same each time he is replaced or back to the court.

It’s a wonderful read for any Spurs fans as it’s a reminder that Ginobili’s last years of playing the game will be coming to an end. It’s important to see his last seasons because he is by far one of the most distinct NBA players to play the game.
(Photo: Globo.com)