Are the Spurs showcasing James Anderson?


With the trade deadline now 10 days away, the time is getting closer for NBA teams to start debating whether a trade is needed to help their via: courierpress.comclub improve.

Sure, big names like Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Chris Kaman, and Pau Gasol have been mentioned. But for the San Antonio Spurs, they quietly had one of their own reportedly request a trade, as guard James Anderson’s agent supposedly said his client would like to be traded.

Since February 21, the day after San Antonio Express News’ Buck Harvey made the trade rumor, Anderson has logged more minutes:

  • 2/21 @ Portland: 35 minutes, 2/12 shooting, 11 points – This was the game where the Spurs were blasted by 40 points because head coach Gregg Popovich elected to rest Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, the starters also barely played any minutes.
  • 2/23 @ Denver: 19 minutes, 0/4 shooting, 0 points – The Spurs were only missing Ginobili, but Gary Neal and Kawhi Leonard aggravated injuries, Anderson’s minutes did spike.
  • 2/29 vs. Chicago: 24 minutes, 2/3 shooting, 5 points – This was a “national” game as ESPN was covering the game, a wide audience and more minutes for Anderson.
  • 3/2 vs. Charlotte: 10 minutes, 0/1 shooting, 0 points – This was a 30-point blowout of the Bobcats, but Anderson mainly played in the fourth quarter when the starters were able to rest.
  • 3/4 vs. Denver: 5:29 minutes, 0/1 shooting, 0 points – Another ESPN nationally televised game on Sunday, and even though it was Manu Ginobili’s return from injury, Anderson was still the first guard called off of the bench. He only played minimum minutes.

All this begs the question — are the Spurs are showcasing Anderson?

If Anderson has any kind of trade value, he’s not showing it in the games since he asked for a trade. If the Spurs are showcasing him, then they’re hoping he has some sort of value on the open market so that an attainable piece could be added in the final 10-days before the trade deadline.

Since Anderson isn’t showing the numbers when he’s playing, interested teams might have to put the majority of their decision making in the assumption that the Spurs saw something in Anderson when they drafted him.

It’s the benefit the Spurs have of their drafting ability, not only to show their current players like Kawhi Leonard, but it makes opposing GM’s wonder if the players that aren’t playing as much, like Anderson, are still uncovered hidden gems waiting to produce with playing time.

It’s 10-days before the deadline, I wonder if New Orleans will be interested based on assumptions.