Another sign Lorbek could be joining the Spurs


Here is yet another sign Euroleague big man Erazem Lorbek could be headed to the NBA and join the San Antonio Spurs.

Lorbek’s former team FCB Regal Barcelona has already began looking at replacing him with another center Mirza Teletovic. As a mater of fact, they are calling Teletovic the team’s plan A, B, and C to replace Erazem. With Regal already trying to court Teletovic, this should be a strong signal Lorbek could be heading to the Spurs next season.

Though Lorbek has not made any official statements on wether or not he will make the leap to the Spurs, it is quite apparent the power forward is set on playing in the NBA.

Lorbek’s rights were acquired by the Spurs during the draft day trade which sent George Hill to the Pacers in exchange for Kawhi Leonard. Recently, Lorbek was named MVP of the Liga Title, as his team defeated Real Madrid 73-69.

With reports surfacing Nando De Colo and Lorbek heading to San Antonio, it will make for quite an interesting offseason for the Spurs.