Anderson Varejao on the market?


As evidenced by their early 2011 playoff exit, the San Antonio Spurs have a hole to fill inside the paint on the rebounding and defensive end. With Antonio McDyess set to retire, the likes of the sandwich-blogging 6’10 red head – Matt Bonner – and 6’8″ Beast from the East  – DeJuan Blair – are not considered strengths for defense and rebounding. Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter will need help in the paint next season, so how about bringing in another 6’11” Brazilian?

According to, Anderson Varejao is available for the right trade. NBC received the news from an ESPN writer’s tweet.

2 players you can talk to Cavs about now:Ramon Sessions & JJ Hickson. Andy Varejao not available for just a draft pick. 

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports goes onto discuss the financial implications that can be associated with unloading Varejao.

If they really are willing to move Anderson Varejao there may be interest from contenders, he is a guy who can come in and do the dirty work for them. But with Varejao having at least three more years and $27 million owed him (he can be bought out of the last year of his deal) teams will want to see the new Collective Bargaining Agreement before taking on that salary.

It’s odd that the Spurs have a similar player on roster who is set to make 30.6 million over the next three seasons, Richard Jefferson. The trade could be possible if both teams are willing to work out a way to make the trade happen.

For the Spurs, they’ll be getting a defensive-rebounding big man who is proven and can cause all sorts of havoc on the floor. As evidenced by his days of playing with LeBron James. The Cavaliers; however, would most likely be the teams that says, “no.” Do they want Jefferson to come onto their team when they already have Antwan Jamison at the small forward position? 

As I wrote earlier today, Danny Green is fully capable to replace Jefferson on the perimeter. Throw in the growth of James Anderson and Da’Sean Butler, and the Spurs wouldn’t be missing Jefferson too much, if at all.

The chances of a deal like this happening are very unlikely, but should the Cavs be willing to talk, I’m sure the Spurs front office will be very interested in listening.


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