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With the NBA Draft fast approaching and we shift our focus to the future of the Spurs, it’s time to reflect and hand out our awards to this past years Spurs team. There were many deserving candidates but in the end only a select few Spurs can receive an award from Project Spurs. The catagories are as follows: Dunk Of The Year, Play Of The Year, Block Of The Year, Epic Fail Of The Year, Game Of The Year, Worst Player Of The Year, Surprise Player Of The Year, Playoff Fail Of The Year and finally MVP. Now may I have the envelope please. . . 

Dunk Of The Year: Manu posterizes Hilton Armstrong. I think Armstong roughly transltes into “I just got crushed by Manu Ginobilli”

Play Of The Year: Tony Parker breaks Barbosa’s ankles. The Suns really don’t play defense so it should come to no surprise Barbosa was on the receiving end of this cross-over by TP. Sure hope Barbosa had ankle insurance.
Block Of The Year: Manu vs. Wade. Now I am pretty sure Wade thought he had an easy lay-up and probably thought “Yea, like the guy who broke his ankle in the Olympics can block me, the Flash….COME ON!”
Epic Fail Of The Year: George Hill. Spurs fans know we have a nice combo guard here. Sure he started off badly in the Summer League, going 0-16 in the span of two games but really showed his grit when Parker went down and he stepped up his game. So what can possibly tarnish his upside? How about his girl posting pics of him practically naked. Lost in this years Spurs season were pictures of Hill nude and covering up his junk with a towel. Gentleman, never send pictures that may haunt you. Though the pictures are down, you can read comments made by fans by clicking here.
Game Of The Year: Spurs vs. Lakers. Note to Kobe — never do the “Balls Dance” when you there is time left on the clock. This was an epic game and “Money” Mason added to his resume of clutch shots.
Worst Player Of The Year: Fabricio Oberto. Nice job Spurs Front Office. You trade Scola and bring this junk. When you get beat out of playing time to Matt Bonner, you know you suck ass! This guy not only lost playing time dramatically this year, he still plays volleyball instead of grabbing rebounds like he has a pair. Not effective in the low post and didn’t contribute crap to the Spurs this year. Is it any wonder why he had heart surgery?
Surprise Player Of The Year: Roger Mason. This is the time where I have to apologize and eat crow. When the Spurs signed him I thought he wouldn’t work out. Felt maybe he was a system player and a bit over-hyped by Mike. Boy was I wrong.
Playoff Fail Of The Year: Roger Mason. Sure he got Surprise Player Of The Year for the regular season but all his heroics didn’t pay off when it counted the most. In the series against Dallas he was ghost. We here at the Project Spurs have put out an APB and no one has yet to call in with clues leading to the discovery of Mason’s game. Didn’t contibute anything in the playoffs and just flat out choked.
MVP: Tony Parker. The torch has been passed to Mr. Parker. He carried the Spurs team throughout the season and playoffs. Who can forget his 55 point outburst against the Wolves or his tremendous games in the Dallas series. Sure he was injured this season but that couldn’t stop him. He made the All-Star squad for the second time and is still married to Eva Longoria. Game over!
Well ladies and gentleman those are your award winners and losers from your 2008-2009 San Antonio Spurs. Contact us and give us your winners and losers. We would love to hear your thoughts on this past season.
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