All-Spur Three-Point Shootout


With the Spurs playing mediocre at best and last night’s loss to the Lakers still fresh on Spurs fans minds, we here at Project Spurs thought we have some fun and lighten the mood.

This year’s Spurs team has plenty of good three point shooters. When players such as Keith Bogans, or Mike Finley line up and from the three-point line, chances are great the ball is going in the basket.

However, in this year’s NBA Three-Point Shootout in Dallas, no Spur was selected to participate.  But don’t fret. We here at Project Spurs looked at the current roster and chose five players with the best percentage from the three-point line to participate in the Project Spurs’ 2010 All-Spur Three-Point Shootout.

Here are the participants.

Michael Finley

Though only played a few games this season for the Spurs, Finley is a reliable three-point threat for the Spurs. This season he is averaging 37% from behind the arch. He can nail the three from anywhere behind the arch. Just ask the Phoenix Suns.



Roger Mason

Money! There is a reason why Roger Mason has this nickname.  If he is taking a three, more than likely the ball is finding its way into the basket. In his first season with the Spurs, he made the Clippers, Suns and Lakers pay for leaving him wide open. He also was a contestant in the 2009 NBA Three-Point Shootout and finished with 13 points.  This season Mason is averaging 39% from the three-point line.


George Hill

Hill’s game is developing before our eyes and one area he has gotten better at is his three-point shooting.  This season he is averaging 38% from the arch and even showed the Lakers he can hit a buzzer-beating three pointer.



Matt Bonner

Bonner can light it up from beyond the arch. His stroke might look awkward but Spurs fans can rest easy knowing Bonner is setting up for a three-point shot in a game. He is perhaps the most reliable three-point shooter on the team.  This season he is shooting 39% from the three-point line.



Keith Bogans

Known more for his defensive presence on the court, Bogans has shown he can hit the three. Especially from the corners. But will this translate in this three-point shootout? For the season, Bogans is shooting 38% from the arch.

There is the field Spurs fans.  The racks are ready, the money ball is ready, and the clock is ready to go. All five guys can hit the shot but only one can be crowned a winner. Who is going to win it? Leave us your thoughts and pick the winner.

Come back tomorrow when we will host the Project Spurs 2010 All-Spur Dunk Contest.