All-Spur Dunk Contest


Yesterday, Project Spurs presented the All-Spur Three-Point Shootout. Spurs fans weighed in and left their thoughts. Today we present the All-Spur Dunk Contest. Enjoy.

With the All Star game coming up this weekend, one event all NBA fans look forward to is the Dunk Contest. The creativity, the power, the hang-time, and the rim-rocking dunks that get all in attendance off their seats.  Unfortunately for Spurs fans, no Spur was selected to compete for the dunk title.

But that won’t stop us here at Project Spurs from having an All-Spur dunk contest.  The contestants will be from this year’s Spurs squad. So without further delay here are the contestants for the 2010 All-Spur Dunk Contest.

George Hill

Just in his second season with the Spurs, Hill has made an impression not only on Spurs fans but also on Coach Pop. Not only can he get it done on the offensive and defensive end of the court, Hill is athletic and can get up and finish at the rim. Ask the Timberwolves.

Matt Bonner

Mainly known for his three point shooting, Bonner has shown he can get up and throw it down with some authority. No really he can. He has an epic two inch vertical, no hang-time, and no style means only pure Bonner awesomeness. Ask the Toronto Raptors if Bonner is just a shooter.

Richard Jefferson

He may be drawing the ire of Spurs fans right now with his lackluster play but there is no doubting Jefferson can finish with authority and with power. He can also still posterize a player. Ask Greg Oden.

Well there you have it Spurs fans. Your candidates for the 2010 Project Spurs All-Spur Dunk Contest.  Who will you be giving a “10” or a “0” to for their dunks? Will it be the young George Hill? How about Bonner or Jefferson? Who do you have winning the event?