All Is Not Well In Beijing


Amongst the news of Team USA beating Argentina by 20 points to advance to the gold medal game, is the news Spurs fans have been hoping not to hear.  Sports Illustrated reports Manu Ginobili had an ankle injury in the first quarter, and he didn’t return.
Normally, an ankle injury wouldn’t be too much of a concern, simply give him lots of rest before the season starts, and all should be well.  But this is Ginobili.  The same Ginobili who doesn’t know any way to play but all out.  The Ginobili who always seems to have a nagging injury every year.  The Ginobili who was plagued with a foot/ankle problem throughout the playoffs, most notably in the LA series.
Hopefully everything will be ok, as there are nearly 10 weeks until the regular season starts, but we can all visualize Popovich working up new strategies and backup plans right now.