With a heavy focus on original, quality content, Project Spurs provides you the opportunity to align your business with a trusted source while reaching a specialized, targeted audience.

Whereas advertising in monthly magazines gives you the opportunity to catch a reader’s attention maybe once per month, or even in a newspaper where your ad will be seen once per day, our site brings in returning readers several times throughout the day.

We have minimal ad placements and low ad rotation limits so our advertising partners our featured prominently.

Guest Article Guidelines

We do NOT accept the following types of links in articles: Gambling, Casino, Drugs, Violence, Real Estate, Lawyers, Porn, Adult, etc. We reserve the right to remove every and all links in every post. We rarely do this but occasionally we do.


  • Your title is not in competition with our own contents (Check our contents) You can write from a different angle on existing topics.
  • Your article is original and not published anywhere else (now or in the future)
  • Content must be at least 700 words, but longer-form content is preferred (900+ words).
  • Add maximum 2 links to your blog/website, only to editorial content, no commercial/product/service pages.
  • Add backlinks to authoritative sources and back up your claims with the source link
  • Researched and factual content, relevant and insightful provide facts, examples, and actionable tips, back up your claims with source links.
  • Please provide at least 2 supporting images at a minimum of 1024px wide. Every article must have supporting imagery or it won’t be posted. Images must be embedded in the document. Do not include any stock photos!
  • Write keyword-optimized and SEO optimized. Add the main keyword in the first 100-150 words and also here and there, don’t overdo. 100% unique content, no copy-paste!
  • Add 2-3 links to my blog (internal linking) where possible
  • Go for Readability Grade: 6-8 with Hemingway (use
  • Check Spelling and Grammar work with
  • Share only as a google doc with embedded images (with correct filenames)
    No Word documents or other formats accepted!

Our Pricing

Exclusive – No rotations
Presented by… under logo

Top leaderboard spot in masthead.
5 rotations. 720×90 pixels

Largest ad spot on site
4 rotations. 300×335 pixels

RECTANGLE $200 | $150 (bottom)
First spot above fold.
2 spots. 4 rotations each. 300×250 pixels

Smaller leaderboard under content area
4 rotations. 728×90 pixels

GRID $25
Grid of four ads in a block.
4 rotations per spot. 125×125 pixels

• Grid ad for duration of sponsorship (Sun-Sat)
• Dedicated sponsor feature on Sunday.
• Social Media mentions at start/end of week.

15 second pre/post roll on Project Spurs videos. Includes sponsorship copy text/hyperlink on site post, YouTube description and ID3 tag for iTunes/Video apps..

Advertising copy read or prepared audio played during breaks on two podcast episodes. 30 second max play/read time. Includes sponsorship copy text/hyperlink on podcast post.

TEXT LINK ADS – $350/year
Text link in lower sidebar. Can be broken down into three and six-month contracts

GUEST POSTS – $150/year
Guest or sponsored post. We do not offer permanent placement.

Call or email for other creative advertising solutions, including sponsoring our newsletter, discounted inside page rates and more. Ask about discounts for combo advertising on other network sites or for six month and one-year contracts paid in advance.

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