Spurs’ draftee Adam Hanga in San Antonio?


According to the Hunrgarian website NemzetiSport.Hu, the San Antonio Spurs 2011 second round draft pick Adam Hanga flew into town on Sunday and will be in the United States viewing the city of San Antonio during his four day stay.

I used a translator tool to interpret the article but it is still very rough to translate. I will paraphrase what I read so please excuse any mistakes.

Hanga reveals that it took him two days to find air travel from Hungary to the States. He said his agent told him some things he’ll be doing while on his four-day stay in San Antonio which includes working out for San Antonio, and taking in the Alamo City:

On Saturday night I talked to the local agent, who outlined that I participate in a facilitated training sessions. In addition, show the city hall and the coach of the team complex, so the program will be crowded.

When asked if he’ll meet Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, Hanga was unaware but hopes to get some tips and feels loved in San Antonio already.

Hanga reveals Tony Parker or the team will take him to dinner but he is hoping he can afford it. Hanga said he is more than capable of handling any rise in notoriety and knows things will get back to normal once he leaves San Antonio and returns home to Hungary after his short stay in Texas.

Although the young Hanga will only be in Texas for a short period of time, the Spurs do like this this young player. On draft night, I was present when R.C. Buford described who Hanga is:

“Our last pick Adam Hanga is a very similar type talent, he’s very fast, very athletic, great offensive skills. I don’t know if he’s ever crossed the line to the defensive end of the floor but hopefully we can introduce him to that. He’s moving to Spain, he’s been in Hungary, and he’s a kid that we like his personality and we’ll see what happens.”

Thursday night, Buford said the team intended to keep both Hanga and Davis Bertans over seas for the next one to two seasons. 

(Photo: DraftExpress.com) 

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