Games of the Week (4/6-4/12)


A look ahead at the Spurs games for the week.

Date: Tuesday, April 7 (7:00)
Team: Oklahoma City Thunder
Why you should care: “There are simply no guaranteed victories with how the Spurs have played lately and nothing surprises me.” This is a direct quote from this space last week before the Spurs played the Thunder. Of course the Spurs lost 96-95, so I was justifiably worried, and I haven’t seen anything to make me change my mind. The Spurs have clinched a playoff spot, so it’s all about seeding now. They are two games behind the Nuggets for second and two games ahead of the Hornets for sixth. Where they finish is anybody’s guess.

Date: Wednesday, April 8 (6:00)
Team: Portland Trail Blazers
Why you should care: In my opinion, the Trail Blazers are a difficult match up for the Spurs. They like a slower game, similar to the Spurs, which creates a problem because the Spurs can’t try to push the Trail Blazers out of their comfort zone. However, the Trail Blazers are more adept to push the tempo. The Spurs used to be able to hang with teams that liked to run but they can’t do that anymore. This means the Trail Blazers can try to run, which they did successfully in a 102-84 victory against the Spurs in early March, and if that doesn’t work they can play a slower game. The Spurs only have a one game lead of them so this game will greatly affect the standings.

Date: Friday, April 10 (7:30)
Team: Utah Jazz
Why you should care: The Jazz were the hottest team in February with a 10-1 record before losing three in a row in mid March and three in a row last week. The Spurs won the first two games in the season series, but both came so long ago that it’s hard to take anything from them. Once again, this game worries me because of health. Utah is healthy now with Carlos Boozer back. Manu Ginobili usually destroys the Jazz but he isn’t at 100% these days, so it’s hard to tell which Ginobili will show up. Do I think the Spurs could lose all three games to start the week? Ya, I think it’s possible.

Date: Sunday, April 12 (8:00)
Team: Sacramento Kings
Why you should care: Should I go out on a limb and say the Spurs will win against the worst team in the NBA? It’s a shame that I even have to ask that question. Awwww….what the hell. The Spurs will definitely win this game. If they don’t, please feel free to blame me for jinxing them. Honestly, I expect this to be a fairly boring game, but tune in because it is the last easy game of the season with Golden State and New Orleans on schedule for next week before the playoffs.