A question for Ginobili


Recently, I was able to participate in a Q&A with San Antonio Spurs’ guard Manu Ginobili at Spurs.com.

Here was my question for Ginobili:

My question for you is after the Spurs season was over, you said, “Everybody could tell it wasn’t enough, that we were not ever, probably, a championship-caliber team. We were close. But we never made it to that level.” What was missing from the team to push it to that level this past season?

MG : We started playing well as a team too late in the season. That put us on the 7th spot and to win it in that situation is really hard. A few teams played better than us and they beat us fair and square. We’ll be better next season, for sure.

Got to appreciate the honesty from Ginobili. It was too little, too late for the Spurs this past season.

To read the complete Q&A, visit Spurs.com.