A look at the Spurs salary situation heading into next season


The San Antonio Spurs offseason is underway which means it's time to look at the roster and team salary cap heading into the 2013-14 season.

The Spurs will have eight players under contract:

Tim Duncan at $10,361,446 (final contract season)

Tony Parker at $12,500,000

Matt Bonner at $3,945,000 (final contract season)

Danny Green at $3,762,500

Kawhi Leonard at $1,991,760 (team option in 2014-15)

Nando De Colo at $1,463,000 (final contract season)

Cory Joseph at $1,182,600 (team option in 2014-15)

Aron Baynes at $788,872 (qualifying offer in 2014-15)

Free Agents:

Manu Ginobili, DeJuan Blair and Tracy McGrady

Player options:

Boris Diaw ($4,702,500), and Patty Mills ($1,133,950)

Free Agent/Qualifying Offers:

Tiago Splitter ($4,930,000), and Gary Neal ($1,116,099)


Blair more than likely will not return next season. The Spurs have been trying to shop him for the past two seasons so expect him to find another team to sign him.

McGrady will more than likely not be in a Spurs uniform.

Bonner is in his final contract season so will the Spurs dangle his expiring contract as trade bait? Same goes for De Colo. De Colo complained about playing time in the postseason, so do the Spurs give him the minutes he crave or use his expiring contract as bait for a trade?

The Spurs will pick up Leonard's option and get that done next season.

Joseph showed some major strides this regular season and stepped up at times in the playoffs. Spurs could pick up his option to give him some serious minutes as Parker needs a solid backup as he gets older.

Diaw and Mills will likely pick up their player options.

Ginobili will retire a Spur. The question is how much will the team offer him when he clearly looked like on his last legs in the deep postseason run and especially in the Finals versus the Heat.

Splitter had a great regular season, improved his play and stats but fizzled out in the Finals. Did he hurt his stock in the postseason? Perhaps but his less-than-stellar play may allow the Spurs to offer him a smaller contract and not overpay him.

Neal played so-so throughout the regular season but maybe the Spurs will pass on him to open up a roster spot to bring in a free agent.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Based on what you see, what roster moves should the team make in the offseason?

(info/image via: HoopsHype.com)