A Debt of Gratitude to the Mavs


Editor’s Note: We’re proud and excited to announce the addition of Humberto Cervera to the Project Spurs staff. Humbie joins us with several years of experience covering the Spurs, most recently for News 4 WOAI where he served as a sports reporter and producer. Aside from his work at WOAI, Humbie may be familiar to some Project Spurs readers as he’s been a guest on several Spurscast episodes, Q&As, and hosted us on the WOAI Sports Roundtable. Please welcome him to Project Spurs and enjoy his debut post.

I know, I know. You read the headline and said . . . “What an idiot! There is nothing good that can come from our little brothers thinking their franchise is on the same level!”

I’m sure some of you are already lamenting over the thought that announcers will gush over the Mavs being “the class of the NBA.”

Others will shudder at the idea that there are four-year old children out there that only know a world where Dirk Nowitzki has won more championships in their lifetime than Tim Duncan.

However, I promise… there is some good that can be found in all of this.

Of all the teams the San Antonio Spurs faced off against in the West, the Spurs felt most confident against the Dallas Mavericks. Pop even said as much in an interview with News 4 just the other day. The Spurs always felt their their depth and talent matched up with the Mavs. The Spurs were 3-1 versus the NBA champs this past season and 1-1 when Dirk was suited up.

That might just be the spark in the off-season that pushes this team over the top. Can’t you just see Tim, Tony and Manu stepping up their workouts a little bit earlier and pushing themselves a little bit harder knowing that the road to the Finals will go through Dallas this next NBA season?

The other reason has little to actually do with the Spurs themselves and a lot more to do with the rest of the league.

The NBA is a total copycat league. The Spurs were built to stop the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers changed things up to go at the Spurs. The Boston Celtics built itself to beat LA and then LA built itself to beat Boston. Then Dallas was built with the Lakers in mind.

If the Miami Heat would’ve pulled this one off can you imagine what the rest of the league would’ve scrambled to do?

The biggest markets would shed every piece of talent they had to build cap space and land the next trio of superstars. There is no way the Spurs would ever be that team.

As much as I love the city of San Antonio, I can’t imagine free agent superstars wanting to flock to South Texas.

Don’t buy it? You think that the class of the organization would lure someone?

Answer this… when was the last time the Spurs landed a coveted free agent? They even had Tim in his prime and haven’t gotten anyone in.

This sit and wait for superstar model may be a way the league goes, but other franchises will still see that you can build a team through the draft and trades and not invent an instant winner.

A Mavs win is easily the best way these Finals could’ve ended up. As much as it hurt to see Mark Cuban and Jason Terry lift up that trophy, just know the Spurs hated rivals to the North might have given them a sliver of hope for the future.

As weird as it feels to say this, “Thanks Mavs… Congrats.”

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