6 fouls for Ian


By Jeff Garcia and Michael De Leon
You’ve read the Oberto Facts, Jackie Butler is soo fat… and Joey Crawford ejected jokes. For the 07-08 season, we bring you 6 fouls for Ian. A series of 6 reasons Mahinmi was signed to the Spurs so early or predictions for next season. Send your submissions to michael@projectspurs.com.
Ian Mahinmi was immediately signed to two roster spots, but another player may need to be waived so there are enough fouls available for him.
While warming up hours before the start of the Spurs opening night game, he picked up six fouls when the Blazers bus drove up to the arena.
When the Spurs received their 2007 championship rings, he picked up a blocking charge against David Stern.
While on the bench, Ian Mahinmi was waving the towel on the bench during a Spurs rally and proceeded to foul out the entire spurs bench.
Ian came over early because someone has to entertain the crowd when the Coyote takes a break.
Having premier defenders in Bowen, Duncan and Udoka, Mahinmi fouled out in .000000000000000001 seconds as he ran to the scorers table to come into the game.

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