6 fouls for Ian (9/24)


You’ve read the Oberto Facts, Jackie Butler is soo fat… and Joey Crawford ejected jokes. For the 07-08 season, we bring you 6 fouls for Ian. A series of 6 reasons Mahinmi was signed to the Spurs so early or predictions for next season. Send your submissions to michael@projectspurs.com.
Ian Mahinimi set an NBA record for being the 1st player to foul out after fouling his own teammates.
Ian Mahinimi fouled out while he attended Tony Parker’s wedding.
Scola didnt sign with the spurs out of fear of receiving a career-ending foul from Mahinimi.
Ian may not have played in the 07 summer league but all signs point to him for the phantom foul that injured Greg Oden for the year.
After finding out Ian Mahinimi was coming to the NBA, Allen Houston, Penny Hardaway and Doug Christie are reconsidering their NBA comebacks.
David Stern reinstated Joey Crawford when he went searching for answers on how to deal with Ian Mahinmi shortly after he was signed by the Spurs.