6 fouls for Ian (10/1)


You’ve read the Oberto Facts, Jackie Butler is soo fat… and Joey Crawford ejected jokes. For the 07-08 season, we bring you 6 fouls for Ian. A series of 6 reasons Mahinmi was signed to the Spurs so early or predictions for next season. This is the last in a series of 3.
By Jeff Garcia 

Ian Mahnimi went on eBay to bid on spare NBA fouls.

Ian was once called for hand checking 6 times and fouled out. When asked why he committed hand checking fouls he said “the ball boy had the ball. He had to be stopped”

Mahinmi holds the current record of fouling out of an NBA game while playing NBA2K7

Mahinmi was brought over early because it was cheaper than hiring a personal assistant to carry Tony Parker’s bags.
When an NBA player fouls out, the NBA has made it a rule to designate that person as being “Mahinmi-ed”

In NBA 2K8, the programmers didn’t include Mahinmi on the Spurs roster seeing how once he got time on the floor, the opposing team automatically wins.

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