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The Spurs have 5 days in this “Rodeo Road Trip” off until they play their next game against the New Jersey Nets. Though these 5 days off will be great for the team’s health — TD — Spurs fans may not know what to do until the Spurs play again!
Well your friends at The Spurscast give you the top 5 things to do until the Spurs came back.
5. Email Steven “A-Hole” Smith with subject lines saying “Rasho has a ring! How you like them apples?”. That should piss him off even more.
4. Buy Robert Horry an “Ab Lounger”. You know those info-mercials where someone lays on a table to do ab crunches. That should strengthen his abs.
3. Lobby the Spurs coaching staff to play Beno more often. This guy sure has made a strong case for him to be in the regular rotation.
2. Prepare and record The Commadores song “Brickhouse” and play it everytime Brent “Brick” Barry takes a shot when the Spurs play again. He’s a brickhouse! He’s pretty crappy when he’s taking a shot. He’s a brickhouse!
1. Get ready for a Championship river-parade in June. Except this time, let’s hope Steven “A-Hole” Smith gets his own barge so Spurs fans can throw tomatoes, rocks, moon him, chuck feces at him, and cause the barge to capsize so we can be done with this guy forever.
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