4 Greatest Basketball Movies

Basketball is truly a wonderful sport. Anyone who has driven the ball forward to the basket at least once, dodging opponents, can attest to that. Basketball competitions are often exciting and extremely captivating for the casual viewer. Watching these films you feel as excited as playing 20Bet casino slots or viewing racing. These are 4 best basketball movies which will be enjoyed by all sports lovers.

He Got Game

A young basketball player Jesus Shuttlesworth is the new superstar who has to choose which college to go to. He is wanted by absolutely all the top universities with the best college teams. Meanwhile, the governor of the state, a big basketball fan, frees Jesus’ father from prison, who is serving a 15-year sentence for the manslaughter of his wife. Shuttlesworth Sr has seven days to convince his son not to leave the state and enroll at a local college. For that, he’ll get a big reduction in his prison sentence. Jesus, however, feels no need to help his father: when he meets him, the first thing he does is ask his sister why she let an outsider into the house in the first place. At first glance, it is clear that Denzel Washington’s character has no chance. But basketball comes to the rescue.

Space Jam

Alien monsters try to enslave Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and other popular cartoon characters. The issue must be resolved in a basketball game, for which the aliens steal superpowers from Ewing, Barkley and other NBA stars. One person can help the cartoon characters – Michael Jordan, who just temporarily gave up basketball (and that seems to be the only true fact in the whole movie) to try his hand at professional baseball. But for all its comicality, it has absolutely all the necessary trappings of a proper sports drama. This is probably where the reason for its success lies.

Coach Carter

The film is based on a true story that took place in 1999 in Richmond, California. Ken Carter, the coach of the high school basketball team, made the unprecedented decision in the middle of the season to ban players who had not yet experienced a single loss from the court because of poor performance in school. As a result, the team missed two championship games, and the young basketball players were banned from the gym until they were in good academic standing. Carter’s action drew both praise and harsh criticism from the players’ parents and school officials.

The 6th Man

Kenny Tyler and his older brother Anthony are the stars of the high school basketball team. Anthony’s unexpected death leaves him with little or no chance of success. But suddenly everything changes. The former outsider wins win after win. It’s as if someone invisible is helping the future champion. Some mysterious force or just the ghost of his older brother, who willingly stepped onto the court as the sixth player. It seems like it couldn’t get any better, but Kenny wants to win fairly.