2024 Mock NBA Draft: Could Bronny James Go To The Spurs?

2024 NBA Mock Draft and the chance bronny james lands on the Spurs

Jonathan Givony of ESPN recently published a 2024 NBA mock draft that garnered media attention. Givony predicts that the spurs will have the first overall pick and that Bronny James will be chosen in the top 10. In the age of “Nepo Babies,” Bronny will be the first son of NBA superstar Lebron James to enter the draft. Despite receiving full-ride offers from several D1 schools, Bronny has yet to commit to a college basketball team. With the 2024 draft being 16 months away, there is a lot of time for his draft value to rise or fall. The fact that Bronny’s father wants to finish his career on the same team as his son may give him an advantage over other prospects.

The San Antonio Spurs’ Brian Wright will probably have two picks in the top 15 of the 2024 NBA Draft. Spurs fans have begun to speculate on the merits of signing Bronny. Although we have the luxury of another basketball season to observe how he develops, the answer is yes draft that man. The Spurs have a great chance of selecting Bronny and signing his father for the right price, assuming his draft value remains high.

Will The Fans Be On Board?

Let’s just get to the point: Many Spurs supporters view Lebron James as an enemy. Typically, Spurs fans support Lebron’s opponents during the playoffs. So the bonus of having James in a Spurs uniform is a hard sell for a lot of the fan base. In a recent poll done by a local sports radio host, the results were close to 60/40.

However, it might be a wise business choice for Wright and the front office. The Spurs are in a strong position to secure a top pick in the upcoming 2023 NBA draft. Even with a pick like Victor Wembenyama or Scoot Henderson, the Spurs will still be among the league’s youngest teams. So it makes sense that adding two more first-round picks in 2024 and securing one of the best players from the previous three decades as a veteran mentor would be appealing.

Bronny James Scouting Report

According to Paul Biancardi of ESPN, who recently scouted Bronny, his jump shot is ahead of his father’s at the same age. Additionally, he has an above-average basketball IQ. Areas for improvement included spot-up threes and ballhandling against tougher opponents. There is still a full season for Bronny to improve. If he can make an impact at the college level, you can expect his draft value to rise.


Spurs Can Make It Happen

The Spurs have the picks. In the 2024 draft, they have their first-round pick and Toronto’s first-round pick top six protected. The Raptors are fighting for the play in, so the Spurs still have a good chance to retain their pick. For the Raptors to have a statistical chance of obtaining the sixth pick or better, they must be a bottom-two team. The Spurs are likely to have 2 high-value draft picks in 2024. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them both be within the top 15.

Spurs Need Veteran Leadership

Lebron James was a childhood hero to the Spurs’ young players. Malaki Branham was even quoted this season as saying he wants to become the second-best player to ever come out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. For the three 2022 rookies and upcoming picks, having Lebron James on the team is a dream come true. as well as potentially fast-tracking their development. If Bronny can live up to his hype, it should be a no-brainer to draft him.

Do you think Spurs fans can set aside their differences and cheer for Lebron James and his son? If you were the GM, would you draft Bronny James? Let me know in the comments below. Follow Project Spurs on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all things Spurs.


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