2023 Denver PBR Chute Out: Results and Schedule Round 1

2023 Denver PBR Chute Out Live Stream

The 2023 PBR Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour is out of the gate in the new year. Last weekend’s events in Lexington, Kentucky and Portland, Oregon saw Alex Marcilio and Connor Halverson join Dalton Kasel atop the standings with first-place finishes at the two events respectively. Now, the riders turn the field turns its sights to the Denver PBR Chute Out at the National Western Stock Show. The three-day event will run from Monday, January 9 – Wednesday, January 10, with qualifying rounds on the first two days.

Watch the 2023 Denver PBR Chute Out

  • When: Monday, January 9 – Wednesday, January 11, 2022
  • Start Time: 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PT
  • Location: National Western Stock Show – Denver, Colorado
  • PBR Channel: Ride Pass on Pluto TV

Marcilio stayed with all three of his bulls in Lexington, one of three riders to do so and remain perfect at the event. He faced close competition from Flavio Zivieri, narrowly edging out his fellow countryman from Brazil for the win. The victory gave him his 11th event win of his career and paying out a cool $6,500, the placing him in second in earnings on the season.

2023 Denver PBR Chute Out Preview

The standings look to take a bit of a shift as the season continues this week in Denver at the PBR Chute Out. Part of the National Western Stock Show, the event will broadcast on the PBR Ride Pass on Pluto TV at 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PT each night. Last year’s Velocity Tour Series Champion, Clayton Sellars, was part of last year’s field, finishing fourth in Denver. It remains to be seen if this year’s champion is a part of this year’s event. First, however, there’s a prize pool of $76,000 dollars with a total of 459 important series points on the line.

In Round 1 on Monday, Grayson Cole finished in the lead with 89 points, with so many yet to go. Chasing the win he missed last weekend, Zivieri is already in good position, competing in Denver as well. He completed his run with 79 points, finishing the day in sixth place.

2023 Denver PBR Chute Out Schedule

  • Round 1 – Monday at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT
  • Round 2 – Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT
  • Finals – Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT

2023 Denver PBR Chute Out Results

PositionNameRound - 1
1Grayson Cole89
2Robbie Taylor Jr.86.5
3Austin Richardson85.5
4Garrett Jones84
5Chase Dougherty83
6Flavio Zivieri79
7Keith Hall78
8Josh Frost75
9Travis Wimberley74.5
10Leonardo Lima63.5
-Conner Halverson-2.03
-Aaron Williams-7.04
-Ross Freeman-5
-Dalton Rudman-3.33
-Jake Morinec-4.02
-Marcelo Procopio Pereira-
-Mason Moody-2.9
-Griffin Smeltzer-
-Patterson Starcher-
-Ezekiel Mitchell-
-Claudio Montanha Jr.-4.03
-Weston Davidson-
-Brandon Davis-
-Thor Hoefer II-
-Elijah Mora-
-Braden Richardson-
-Alex Jenks-1.61
-Stefan Tonita-
-Cody Casper-
-Alecio Ferreira da Costa-2.88
-Dakota Eagleburger-1.88
-Kyle Jones-2.6
-Dakota Louis-
-Dustin Martinez-
-Boudreaux Campbell-
-Adriano Salgado-
-Ramon de Lima-3.41
-Trace Brown-1.58
-Wyatt Rogers-
-Venn Johns-
-João Henrique Lucas-
-Eli Vastbinder-6.52
-Kade Alberty-4.04
-Luciano De Castro-
-Caden Bunch-
-Gage Gay-
-Bill Henry-2.15
-Colt Robinson-2.47
-Cody McCandless-1.91
-Dakota Warnken-
-Dener Barbosa-
-Nick Tetz-3.63
-Dalton Krantz-
-Hayden Harris-7.62
-Junior Patrik Souza-
-Thiago Salgado-
-Dylan Smith-
-Wallace Vieira de Oliveira-
-Bub Steele-
-Mason Ward-
-Junio Quaresima-7.98
-Eli Necochea-6.79
-Wyatt Covington-
-Tyler Manor-
-Wyatt Moulton-2.47
-Colton Schneiderman-1.68
-Perry Schrock-2.02
-Anthony Hopen-
-Caleb McCaslin-6.54
-Edgardo Figueroa-3.19
-Vagner Mendes Vasconcelos-
-Vinell Mariano-
-Trevin Bundy-
-Marco Juarez-4.44
-Koda Goebel-2.25
-Paulo Maciel Neto-1.7
-Wingson Henrique da Silva-
-Sandro Batista-
-Ray Mayo-
-Dustin Herman-
-Afonso Quintino-
-Guilherme Valleiras-4.52
-Nick Goncalves-
-Zane Cook-3.62
-Tyler Hessman-
-Slick Phelps-2.82
-Rafael Jose de Brito-
-Anthony Lyons-
-Charlie Hayes-2.09

Velocity Tour Standings

PlaceRiderCountryPointsPoints Behind LeaderEarningsEventsWinsRidesBuckoffs
1Alex MarcilioBRA148.50$6,5001130
2Dalton KaselUSA132-16.5$7,1501120
3Conner HalversonUSA114-34.5$6,2002121
4Flavio ZivieriBRA98.5-50$4,7001030
5Aaron WilliamsUSA92-56.5$4,8002021
6Alvaro Alvarez AguilarMEX88-60.5$4,5501020
7Ross FreemanUSA69-79.5$3,0001020
8Justin EthridgeUSA66.5-82$1,4902033
9Dalton RudmanUSA64-84.5$2,8001020
10Jake MorinecUSA60-88.5$2,3001030
11Hunter BallUSA55-93.5$2,2001021
12Marcelo Procopio PereiraBRA51-97.5$1,7001020
13Justice ForsytheUSA49-99.5$2,6001011
14Mason MoodyUSA37-111.5$1,1602021
15Griffin SmeltzerCAN35-113.5$1,7401011
15Manoelito de Souza JuniorBRA35-113.5$1,7401011


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