2020-21 Spurs Game Tracker


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Welcome to the 2020-2021 Spurs Game Tracker. This database will be updated after each game to identify how the Spurs fare on offense and defense from a game-to-game basis.

Offense Tab

When viewing the offense tab, you’ll see some unique stats such as:

  • The Spurs vs the Vegas spread
  • The largest lead the Spurs hold in games
  • The Spurs’ double digit leads
  • Where the Spurs score from in games and how effective they’re from scoring in those areas
  • Some traditional box score stats such as assists, offensive rebounds, turnovers, and fast break points

Defense Tab

With the defense tab, you’ll see the following types of stats:

  • The largest deficit in a game
  • The Spurs when down by double digits
  • Quarters where the Spurs held the opponent below a number of points or allowed a number of points
  • How many total points the Spurs held/allowed the opponent to score
  • Where opponents scored from against the Spurs and how effective they were
  • Box score stats like opponent fast break points, opponent points off turnovers, and opponent offensive rebounds


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