July 19, 2024

Thanks for picking up our 2019 Spurs NBA Draft Guide. We put together a draft guide for the first time last year in PDF format and it was well-received. This year, we decided to try something new and present it all online within ProjectSpurs.com.

Our staff has worked tirelessly over the season and especially over the last few weeks getting this prepared, so your purchase of the guide helps us to continue to do work like this. We are now coming up on our 15th year at Project Spurs, so to celebrate our 15th year of draft coverage, we decided to go the extra step in preparing this draft guide for you, aside from giving you our profiles.

Our first round profiles is where we have the most in-depth info, whereas our chosen second round prospects are linked to articles Benjamin Bornstein prepared. We also now have an audio clip for each of the 26 players we selected to highlight in this draft guide, so aside from getting the written portion and all the stats, you have a quick 30 second-to-one minute audio clip on each player as well as a video.

Aside from the audio, Paul Garcia and Ben recorded their draft preview podcast, which is linked above, and during the draft, we have linked you to the Two Shots Podcast Facebook page where we will be having a collaborative show with our partners there. Ben will be joining Rudy Campos and Giovanni Aponte of Sweep the League on a live streaming video draft show on Facebook. Be sure to tune in through the link above. It’s one of several collaborations we have planned with our friends at the Two Shots Podcast Network.

John Diaz has also penned a draft feature talking about the Spurs future, and another new item this year is that we have linked to a download for a Spurs prospects spreadsheet Paul Garcia has prepared. It has info on each prospect, their measurables, where they are in current mock drafts, their comps, potential role and strengths. This along with the rest of the draft guide make it the perfect compliment to get all the info on some of the prospects the Spurs will be taking a look at on Thursday night. Also be sure to look for Ben’s Draft Q&A here on the site later today or early tomorrow.

Thanks again for supporting us and thanks to all of our staff for their amazing work. We hope you enjoy it.




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