2009 NBA Draft Profile — Josh Heytvelt


Next up on Project Spurs 2009 NBA draft profile series is Josh Heytvelt.  As mentioned numerous times on Project Spurs and on the Spurscast, the Spurs lack a decent center.  No one to truly rebound, bang, and intimidate along side Duncan.  Ian is unproven and fragile, Bonner is streaky and plays too much out on the perimeter, and with Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto traded yesterday, Spurs are lacking big men.


College: Gonzaga
Class: Senior
Position: PF
Height: 6’11”
Weight: 260lbs

Heyvelt enters the draft with some off-court issues.  While in at Gonzaga, he had a well publized drug bust but subsequently apologized for his behavior.  Knowing the Spurs and their image-conscious ways, this may not be in his favor.  However he does have some up-side.  At 6’11” he is athletic, can score, has a shooting touch, and already has an NBA body.  Can rebound and block shots.  Uses the backboard when shooting and has an impressive vertical jump for a guy his height.  His college averages were 14.9 points, 6.5 rebounds and .9 blocks.  Downside is he was often injured, can be inconsistent and as mentioned before, had drug issues. 

Should the Spurs select him, they will have an athletic center which is something they need desperately.  His defense may need work but there is no teaching height, athleticsm, youth.