Spurs’ Danny Green out four weeks

The San Antonio Spurs were hit with some bad news today as shooting guard Danny Green will miss the next four weeks.  Green underwent an MRI today, and the team announced he has suffered a break in the second metacarpal bone of his left hand. During the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves yesterday, Green was seen […]


Diaw becoming defensive stopper for Spurs

Boris Diaw has been dubbed as many things in his career for his play, with his recent play lately against the likes of Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Love, you can add defensive stopper to that list……wait a minute, what? Diaw will not turn heads for his speed or lack thereof but with what he can […]

This is one awesome video of Tim Duncan

We here at Project Spurs came across what could possibly be the best video of all time capturing the great, future Hall of Famer San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan.  The video looks at some of Duncan's many highlights through-out his career.  One point in the video he brings up David Robinson and how he looked […]


Not looking good for San Antonio Spurs for All-Star Game

San Antonio fans have you been voting for the Spurs players for the upcoming All-Star game which will be played in New Orleans?  According to the latest, it is not looking good for San Antonio players.  Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan are the representatives for the team and their votes have been lacking […]

Could the NBA Say Good Bye to Divisions?

Viewing the NBA standings you can’t but help and notice that only four of the teams in the Eastern Conference have a winning record as opposed eight teams in the Western Conference. With the Toronto Raptors leading the Atlantic division with a 16-16, a possible solution maybe to get rid of divisions and seed teams […]

Kyrie Irving Injury Shows Why Spurs Keep the Bench Ready

At the beginning of every season, each team makes a quick glance to the basketball and does a quick prayer to hope that no dramatic injuries happen to their star players. If a superstar does go down it’s the next man up according to NBA law.  Along with the maneuvers to see if they can […]


Parker not opposed to leaving Spurs one day

Every team loves to hear that their nucleus will be sticking together until each and every one of them decide to retire and hang their basketball careers up.  For Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, it seems to be inevitable that these three will surely be playing with each other when the time comes, […]

Charlotte reveals new Hornets logos

Even before Tom Benson made the announcement that the Hornets would be re-branding themselves as the Pelicans, fans in Queen City have been longing for the Hornets name to be returned to the Queen City. As of December 21, 2013, the folks in the Queen City will finally get their wish.  The Charlotte Hornets will […]

Doc and Pop an Unlikely Pair

Last Monday’s game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers show showcased a pair coaches who appear to have taken completely different paths to achieve coaching success but share common beliefs that have been critical to their success. Ben Bolch of the LA Times, delved in to comparing the Coach Greg Popovich […]

Video: Tim Duncan Likes His Humor Subtle

When your average NBA fan thinks of the San Antonio Spurs and their leader Tim Duncan, the term "funny guy" does not come to mind. However, former Spurs guard Brent Barry would like you to think otherwise. Apparently, TD is quite the funny guy… sort of. Barry was a guest on "The Starters" and spoke […]

The NBA is Watching the Spurs and Changing Their Tune

The notion of the San Antonio Spurs being a boring team, that no one wants to watch, has been thrown around so much among the media, league offices and front offices that it is starting to earn frequent flyer miles on all the major airlines. The funny thing is that team first concept and making […]


So the ‘Big 3′ have been together for a very long time

With all the different sports today you never really hear how many players have stuck by one another for a long period over their career.  For the San Antonio Spurs and their 'Big 3', they have been together for a very long time. This past Monday, the trio won their 469th career regular season game […]


Popovich on Kawhi’s struggles: ‘It’s not a big deal’

AT&T CENTER – There is a time in a players career where things do not come out as planned.  They struggle, but still find ways to compete and put a stamp on a game.  For San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard, he is struggling.  There is no reason to sugar coat it, I will just come […]

David Stern on the San Antonio Spurs

Commissioner David Stern always seems to have something candid to say about teams of 'lower market' in the NBA but surprisingly, Stern had some very positive words for the San Antonio Spurs Organization.   As we have all read rumors about Stern not liking the success of the teams that are not Miami, Los Angeles, […]

Rockets Feeling Elite after Defeating the Spurs

In the NBA teams are very aware that they are working with very small margins.  The difference between being a playoff team versus a lottery team is a very thin margin.  A few games lost here or there and you are sitting home during the playoffs. That same razor thin margin also exists between teams […]