Spurscast 337: Enter the Doldrums

NBA Free Agency is still rolling but the feeding frenzy is well over. LeBron James has gone back home to Ohio and veteran Pau Gasol went with his “instinct” in picking Chicago over San Antonio. The postseason scene in the Western Conference looks almost untouched but figuring out the playoff contenders in the East is still as confusing as ever. And while everyone else around the NBA is wondering if Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins will trade area codes, Spurs fans are fretting what the Spurs are going to do with the 15th and final spot on the roster. There is also the hand-wringing over whether or not Manu Ginobili is going to play summer ball if he is medically cleared from yet another lower leg injury.

Benjamin Bornstein (@THE_BOOMSTEIN) joins host Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) to yammer on about the long NBA summer. Welcome to the one and only Spurscast. The original Spurs Podcast.

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