Spurscast #309: Spurs Keep on Truckin’

At 13-1, the San Antonio Spurs are now off to their best franchise start since the 2010-11 season. Is this Spurs team the real deal? Is the defense as good as the numbers claim them to be? Maybe.

Jospeh versus Mills, Derrick Rose is hurt again, Kobe's new contract, and the early rumblings of trade talk. Quixem Ramirez (@Quixem) and Jose Grijalva (@JRG1023) join host Aaron Preine (@DukeOfBexar) to break all this down and more on the one and only Spurscast. The original Spurs Podcast.


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Music: Mustache Man by Cake

Aaron Preine

About Aaron Preine

Aaron Preine has covered the San Antonio Spurs since 2010 and is one of the hosts of the Project Spurs Spurscast.