Video: What’s Pop’s secret to staying motivated? Being crazy

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has managed to keep the Spurs a perennial title contender, guide them to five NBA titles, captured multiple Coach of the year awards and still brings the energy game-in and game-out.

So how does Pop maintain motivation each and every season?

Well, according to him, he’s crazy!

With the Spurs in Berlin as part of the NBA Global Games, Pop spoke with fans and fielded some of their questions. When asked about sustaining motivation, Pop jokingly said, “I’m crazy!” and hopes he gets fired to take a year off. (more…)

Video: Popovich puts on a basketball clinic in Berlin

Ever wondered what it’s like to be coached by San Antonio Spurs’ Gregg Popovich?

Well here’s your chance.

With the Spurs in Berlin for the NBA Global Games, coach Pop (along with assistant coaches Jim Boylen and Ettore Messina) put on a coaching clinic where Pop spoke on player’s leaving their egos at the door, while Boylen gave some tips on playing defense and Messina was showing some passing drills. (more…)

Video: Davis Bertans shines in game vs. Barcelona

San Antonio Spurs’ foreign prospect, Davis Bertans, had himself a game versus FC Barcelona recently, as he scored 24 points and showed what he can do on both sides of the court.

Bertans showed a nice shooting touch from long range and defensively showed signs of improvement. He moved quicker without the ball, found the open player, and looked much more aggressive going to the rim. (more…)

Video: Matt Bonner finds a great sandwich in Berlin

As you might know, the San Antonio Spurs are in Berlin for the NBA Global Games which gives Matt Bonner, aka “The Sandwich Hunter,” the perfect opportunity to sample one of the best sandwiches Berlin has to offer –  the famous Doner Sandwich.

Not only does Bonner taste and gives his review of the sandwich, he also gives viewers a bit of a history lesson.

From applauding the bread to tossing out the idea of opening up a similar sandwich shop in San Antonio, check out “The Sandwich Hunter” in action overseas. (more…)


Kevin Garnett gives his biggest rival, Tim Duncan, his respect

Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan have been considered two of the best power forwards of this generation of the NBA. Both have excelled on the court, winning titles and made several All-Star appearances. But that is where the similarities end. Their personalities are strikingly different with Duncan letting his game do the talking while Garnett […]

Video: R.C. Buford on the 2014 NBA title, re-signing Kawhi Leonard, and more

San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford sat with friends of Project Spurs Fox 29 San Antonio to talk all things Spurs.

Buford touched on why the 2014 NBA title was special mainly because of the 2013 NBA Finals debacle versus Miami.

He also spoke on keeping the same team together heading into the new season as well as how proud he is of the team and more including where the team is at as far as re-signing Kawhi Leonard. R.C. basically saying it will happen when it happens. (more…)


Photo: Artist creates ‘WE ARE SPURS’ illustration and it is awesome

The San Antonio Spurs have been the model franchise in all of sports. From five NBA titles, consistent playoff appearances, to rare off-the-court issues to having a system which is often duplicated throughout the NBA, the Spurs are the team many other franchises aspire to be. And it is because of this exemplary example of […]

Video: California sports anchor’s archaic opinion on Hammon hiring

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is what makes this country great. The freedom to express your thoughts freely, allows for healthy discussion on any topic.

When the San Antonio Spurs hired the first female paid assistant coach, it was lauded as trail blazing and applauded by many throughout the world.

But it seems some may not be too keen on the hiring.

Lead sports anchor for KRON 4 out in San Francisco, Gary Radnich, weighed in on the Hammon hiring and basically stated women should coach women and men should coach men. (more…)

Video: Davis Bertans falls short in 3-point shootout

San Antonio Spurs foreign prospect, forward Davis Bertans, participated in a, NBA-style 3-point shoot out where he put on a furious rally but came up short.

Bertans fell 16-20 against Josh Ruggles but Davis did show quite the touch from long range. His best was the second rack and final rack from the corner where he needed to nail all 3-point shots to fall including the money ball.

Check out Bertans in action at the 9:35 point of the video below. (more…)

San Antonio Spurs v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Four

Apparently, NBA basketball games move too slowly for some people

There was some preliminary chatter during this past All-Star break among rule nerds and basketball operations people about cutting down on awarding two free throws for fouls where it’s appropriate (shooting or over the team limit). The D-League President and Daryl Morey (or as you might know him, “Dork Elvis”) were the closest things to […]

Photo via USA Today

Cavaliers run Spurs-like offense, but mastery could be ultimate test

Kyrie Irving dribbled the ball to the right side of the floor on offense and then he passed to Tristan Thompson, who was awaiting his pass at the top of the 3-point arc. From there, Thompson delivered the pass to LeBron James on the left side of the 3-point line. Hence, the Cleveland Cavaliers had […]


Coach Pop going to be ‘sad’ once Tim Duncan retires

San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan’s days playing in the NBA is nearing an end. After 17 years, Duncan has a resume that makes him a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame and he really doesn’t have anything more to prove. And along side him for all those years, has been head coach Gregg Popovich who […]

Video: Tony Parker goes one-on-one with a… car?

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker is one of the best point guards in the NBA. He can get into the paint at will, nail clutch shots, make the teardrop shot look easy and help lead the Spurs to NBA titles.

He is also one of the quickest and most agile in the league but can these court skills be enough to go one-on-one with… a car?

In case you didn’t know, TP is the spokesperson for Renault – a French line of vehicles – and recently tested the newest car, the Twingo, agility and handling on the court. Of course, Parker nailed another crazy halfcourt shot and even made a shot from the car itself.

Check out the video below and in case you were wondering, Parker totally dominated the car.


Kawhi vs Heat Game 4

Heat’s Wade on the Spurs: ‘They ran f-ing circles around us’

It may be the start of a new NBA season but Miami’s end to last season is still stinging Dwyane Wade. Miami saw the defense of their title go up in smoke as the San Antonio Spurs slaughtered them in five games. San Antonio executed Miami to death with crisp passing, teamwork, ball movement and a […]