Video: Cory Joseph had a lot of fun with the Larry O’Brien trophy in Canada

San Antonio Spurs’ Cory Joseph had the 2014 Larry O’Brien with him in Canada as part of the “Trophy Tour.”

Cory spoke with 1250 ESPN San Antonio’s “The Blitz” at Media Day and pretty much revealed what he did when the trophy made its way to Toronto.

For example, with the trophy in hand, Cory took it to meet the Stanley Cup (the NHL championship trophy) where the pair hit it off and showed it off to the locals in Toronto where he says no one knew what it was.

Aside from that, Joseph also spoke on his offseason workouts, weighed in on the entire team coming back, and said he is ready for the challenge of a new season. (more…)

Video: Manu Ginobili makes trick shot look too easy in Argentinian commercial

Apparently Tony Parker isn’t the only member of the San Antonio Spurs to make tough trick shots look easy.

Manu Ginobili stars in an Argentinian commercial for insurance company “Groupo Asegurador” where he is pitching the company’s services and spinning a CGI-basketball on his fingertip.

However, there’s no CGI needed when a real basketball is in Manu’s hands and ends the commercial making a behind-the-back shot no where near the basket. (more…)


Chris Paul to get motivation from Spurs?

The NBA season is around the corner and training camp is kicking off for the 2014 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs. But for Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul, his eyes are on the silver and black, and not because Paul and San Antonio guard Tony Parker are good friends. Paul is still haunted […]

Video: Kyle Anderson says he doesn’t have many fears heading into first NBA training camp

Entering your rookie season at the NBA-level has to be daunting from a mental and physical aspect.

You are once again clawing your way to prove you have what it takes to play at the highest level and have to face the best-of-the-best from across the globe on the hardwood.

But when it comes to San Antonio Spurs rookie Kyle Anderson, well, he says he doesn’t have many fears heading into his first NBA training camp.

At Spurs media day, Anderson spoke with 1250 ESPN SA’s “The Blitz” and made it clear, he doesn’t have many fears.

He also touched on how he will deal with coach Gregg Popovich’s methods, if there’s any added pressure coming onto a team that just won the NBA title, meeting the “Big 3″ of San Antonio and much more. (more…)


Same Ol’ Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs broke the bottle Friday on the 2014-15 season and yet another attempt at the elusive back-to-back title, hosting the team’s annual media day. With a fresh title banner decorating the practice facility’s wall, the players posed for photos and took their turn through the gauntlet of recorders, cameras, and redundant questions. It was the most Spurs-like event you could […]

Photo: ‘The Red Mamba’ Matt Bonner gets his own comic book cover

It’s not just San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan who gets the honor of being featured in a comic book. Matt Bonner, aka “The Red Mamba” got his time to shine as he graced the cover of his very own comic book cover aptly titled “The Red Mamba.” The creator of “The Crow,” created this glorious […]


Ginobili cleared to play, but says he isn’t quite ready to go

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili didn’t play with Team Argentina at the 2014 FIBA World Cup due to an injured leg (right leg stress fracture) and the Spurs telling him to sit out the tournament. Anyone, even Manu, can understand the Spurs reasoning for the team asking him to sit out. He […]


Spurs announce training camp roster

Today was media day for the San Antonio Spurs, which signals the start of training camp. Usually, media day brings its own set of surprises. Just a few years ago, we showed up at the Spurs practice facility to see Eddy Curry taking a photo in a jersey. Most additions to the training camp roster […]

Watch Livio Jean-Charles in action at Euroleague tournament

As training camp for the San Antonio Spurs is set to kick off, their foreign prospect, Livio Jean-Charles is playing in a Euroleague tournament for French club ASVEL — the club Tony Parker owns.

ASVEL went on to beat Oostende 86-77 at the start of the Euroleague qualifying round.

Jean-Charles finished with 4 points, 1 assist, 2 rebounds, and went 2-4 from the field in 12 minutes of action.

Livio is coming off surgery to repair his torn right knee ACL and showed some rust on the court in the video below. He suffered a right knee injury in the FIBA U-20 games against the Czech Republic.

Livio checks into the game for the first time at the 2:55 point of the first quarter clock. (more…)

Video: As a rookie, Tony Parker says Duncan used to tell him to add the word ‘croissant’ when calling plays

While in China promoting his line of sneakers, PEAK, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker took time to have a Q&A with his fans.

Parker opened up about many topics including his rocky start with Tim Duncan, winning the 2014 NBA title, playing with Manu Ginobili and Duncan and more.

Speaking of Duncan, during the interview, Parker admits during his rookie season, TD used to make fun of his French accent especially when Parker was calling out plays for the team. According to Parker, Duncan used to tell him to add the word “croissant” when calling plays.

Also in the video, Parker opened up about coach Popovich saying he and Pop share a passion for wine and food and off the court he isn’t the grumpy old  man the media sees.

It’s a long video but well worth the time including the host challenging Parker to a “steal-off.” (more…)