Video: Ginobili’s Brilliance In The Pick-and-Roll

We all know Manu Ginobili can pass, but did we know he can pass this ridiculously in one of the most simplest basketball plays ever in the pick-and-roll?

The San Antonio Spurs and Ginobili have made this play the staple of their offense for years and there’s just a handful of teams that can pull it off with such ease. As far as the play goes, we know how the play will develop.

A Spurs big man will set a pick for Ginobili as the ball-handler, and either fake the pick, or bump Manu’s defender to cause space to create the play.

After that, it’s all Ginobili’s genius as one of the most underrated passers in the game. As you’ll see, Manu just needs some daylight after the pick and his instinct kicks in on how he’ll deliver the pass. Whether it’s a simple bounce pass or a pass between someone’s legs, it’s a sight to watch for any basketball purist. Check out the video of Ginobili’s brilliant passing below. (more…)

Video: Popovich doesn’t give a (bleep) about player’s names

Oh coach Pop.

In old video footage, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was giving some basketball lesson to a group of young aspiring players.

And in typical coach Pop fashion, he formally introduced himself when he told the youngsters the honest truth – he doesn’t give a (bleep) about their names.

I’m sure he was just kidding around and does care for all players. It’s just Pop being Pop. (more…)

Tony Parker set to play in Yao Ming’s charity game in China

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker may have opted to not play for Team France at the upcoming World Cup in Spain, but that doesn’t mean he is completely going to stay off the basketball court in the offseason. Parker is set to play in a charity game in China put on by former NBA player […]


The Spurscast Wants You!

The Spurscast boys want YOU! More accurately, they want your questions concerning the Spurs, the NBA, and the upcoming season. Spurscast 339: Fan-isode will go live next Wednesday, September 3rd and they want you to do their work for them submit the thought or question that has been lingering in your brain over these past few summer months. Will health concerns in the […]


Lorbek, FC Barcelona come to terms on contract buyout

Back in early July, word from overseas came out that Slovenian forward Erazem Lorbek and the Spanish club FC Barcelona were in negotiations for a contract buyout. Wednesday, a buyout agreement was reached between the two sides, as Barcelona released a statement stating Lorbek had been released from the team. Though he was originally drafted […]

Video: Spurs owner Holt partakes in the Ice Bucket Challenge by using a massive wheel loader

We have seen a few members of the San Antonio Spurs do their part to raise ALS awareness by doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

From Tony Parker, Becky Hammon, Matt Bonner to Danny Green, the Spurs definitely are making an impact for ALS research.

Now we can add Spurs owner Peter Holt to the list of those who got a nice ice cold bath.

However, Holt used a massive wheel loader to get soaked and proceeded to challenge the Spurs and their fans. (more…)

Video: How the Spurs started the Larry O’Brien trophy tour

The 2014 NBA champion San Antonio Spurs have been taking the Larry O’Brien trophy across the globe as a way to thank the fans for the support they have given the silver and black during their title run.

“Larry” has been to Brazil, Argentina, New Hampshire, Australia, Italy, France and many other places to represent the player’s individual home country and connect with fans.

But how did this all start? How did this whirlwind tour get to this point? Or more to the point, which Spurs player started all this?

Check out the video below at the 17:30 point of the video below to find out. (more…)


Report: Spurs Sign Josh Davis

Per source, the San Antonio Spurs have signed Josh Davis, a recent graduate of San Diego State who went undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft. Davis, a 6’8” combo forward whom mainly plays at the four, saw his offensive game decline in his senior season at San Diego State. Previously, at Tulane, Davis averaged 17.6 […]


Tony Parker is in China and is dressing up like a Chinese Dragon

San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker is in China to promote his PEAK line of sneakers and from the looks of the videos and photos, he is having one heck of a time. From throngs of fans screaming his name to fans chanting “Go Spurs Go,” Parker is being treated like the Beatles did when they […]


Mavs’ Cuban looking to take page out of Spurs’ playbook

Tim Duncan may be the heart and soul of the San Antonio Spurs, but the teammates that surround him are arguably more valuable. Without players such as Patty Mills, Boris Diaw, Tiago Splitter, and Danny Green, Duncan more than likely would have to shoulder more of the load for San Antonio offensively and defensively, and […]

Photo via @FRABasketball

2014 FIBA World Cup Spurs Schedule: Group Phase

With the 2014 FIBA World Cup set to kick-off Saturday August 30 to September 14 in Spain, two current San Antonio Spurs players and one Spurs free agent will be participating in the event. Tiago Splitter will be representing Brazil, Boris Diaw will be playing with France, and free agent Aron Baynes will be playing […]


Tim Duncan, Shaq and the Dominant Center

The times they are a-changin. Bob Dylan said it back in 1964, and it still holds truth. Games are much more complex than Pong, 21 Jump Street went from a TV series to a movie with a sequel, and the Rugrats are all grown up. Amongst those ch-ch-changes is the death of the dominant center […]

Video: Matt Bonner takes the Ice Bucket Challenge… sort of

San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner did his part to raise awareness for ALS by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been sweeping the globe.

Sort of.

With a huge bucket next to him seemingly filled with ice-cold water, Bonner announced he was ready to dump the water on his head and proceeded to nominate Marco Belinelli, Bruce Bowen and red heads in Australia.

But when it came time to dump a “bucket” of water on himself, well, let’s just say a small paper cup isn’t going to cut it.

Luckily someone was there to really douse Bonner with water from head to toe. (more…)