“The best spot on the web for Spurs fans we’ve seen.” – Deadspin (Blogdom’s Best: San Antonio Spurs) “Sure, there are still lots of forums and blogs where ‘fans’ rant and rave about how incompetent Coach (insert target’s name here) is, or post rumors as ‘news,’ but the good ol’ fashioned fan site is an endangered species. That’s why we were so happy to hear from the proprietors of ProjectSpurs.com, a fan site complete with a podcast, forums and analysis from a silver-and-black perspective…for pure fan-de-monium, it’s worth a visit.” – David King (San Antonio Express-News Cybersports)

The lads at ProjectSpurs.com are at it again, and this time you don’t even need your computer’s speakers to join the fun. Much creative energy has been expended lately on the Spurs fan Web site on what has blossomed into an eight-posting tribute to Fabricio Oberto. … eight postings with this kind of stuff. Good stuff, especially considering that one national writer observed that the Spurs look kind of bored lately. Somebody needs to encourage these guys to keep it up.” – David King (San Antonio Express-News Cybersports)

“You guys are the best ever… I follow the Spurs from Belgium step by step and your podcast just makes it better” – Fan email

“Now I understand why ProjectSpurs.com is such an excellent website. You are a person that cares about it’s readers.” – Fan email

“Just wanted to say “Thanks” with out you guys I would be out of the loop with my Spurs. Right now I’m station (USAF) in Omaha Nebraska and the only Spurs info I can get is from you guys. Being stuck here in the midwest sucks because I so far away from any NBA team. The only time I get see a live game is when I go home or if I’m TDY were they have a team. Last game I went to was a Jazz Sonics game in Salt Lake. I was good to see D. Brown. I made sure to sport my Spurs gear (which I take with me world wide). I even made a sign that said “Devin Come Home”. Well, like I said before thanks and keep up the good work.” – Fan email

“Hey Guys, great show! Thanks for all of the info on the new additions to the Spurs team, and your thoughts about them and general Spurs happenings. Woooo Hoooo! I’m so excited for the preseason to start. ” – Fan email

“Great on-location SpursCast…looking forward to more on location SpursCasts from you this year.” – Fan email

“Enjoyed being a part of this podcast – you guys do a great job breaking down the game.” – Alan Switzer (Nuggets Hoops)

“This was actually my first Knick game, and even though my team did not show up on this night, it was agood night. Thanks Jeff for make it enjoyable for me and my son. It was an experience to remember. Good luck to the Spurs the rest of the season.” – Arvin (comment)

“These guys are awesome!! Love the shows!!” – Submitted by Dactyl on PodcastAlley.

“Even LA CLIPPER FANS love the SPURSCAST! ” – Submitted by jcrush on PodcastAlley.

“The team over at Project Spurs falls into that category of committed, dedicated hard working dudes that not only love their Spurs but cover them like no other…Project Spurs simply provides the best forum on-line for Spurs fans to vent and share their thoughts on one of the more dominant teams this past decade.” – Dave and Audley of The NBA Breakdown

Mike and Jeff of Project Spurs are basketball minds on par with the best post-game broadcast crews in the NBA. FSN, Comcast, whatever. Somebody salary these guys! They’re a dedicated duo who’ve been through 184 episodes and counting. They do a terrific job of analyzing the Spurs. Patrick Crawley (Basketball Fiend)

I grew up in San Antonio for 18 years. When I went to college, my Spurs life took a drastic hit as there aren’t many games televised in Oklahoma. I found a job here, and while I love my job, I am stuck here in a windy, flat, college football town that would rather show highlights and analysis of a college football game than televise an NBA basketball game. So I have had to be creative. The Project Spurs blog has truly been a lifesaver. They show quarter by quarter, in-depth analysis of every game, as well as keep me up to date on all big news every day. It will only be a matter of time before this blog is read by many thousands of readers daily. – JakesterT2

Being in LA means I don’t get to see Spurs games unless it’s on TNT or ABC or ESPN or unless I can find an illegal feed online. So I have to find other ways to keep up to date for my Spurs fix…Project Spurs has given me a way to interact with other Spurs fans and lets me know that I’m not the only non-San Antonio Spurs fan alive. I not only visit your site daily, I visit it multiple times a day (@work, in class, random times throughout the day, when I get home from work, even in the bathroom since i have an iphone now…=P) just to look for up to date info on our beloved Spurs. I know I said it during my first encounter with the chat a few weeks back, but I really am grateful for all that you guys do to give me a chance to be in touch with other Spur fans. – Amy from LA