CP3 to New York?

It’s no secret to San Antonio Spurs fans, really skilled point guards have given the Spurs trouble during the championship era. From Stephon Marbury, Steve Nash to the Chris Paul led New Orleans Hornets team in 2008 that pushed the Spurs to seven games in the West-Semis with CP3 averaging a gaudy 24 points and 11 […]

Spurs, Yankees share similar path

Sustained excellence is the hardest thing to achieve in sports. Both the New York Yankees and the San Antonio Spurs have been able to achieve this difficult task through savvy draft moves that founded the core of their championship teams. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobilli and Tony Parker were […]

Profiling Spurs’ Bertans, Lorbek, Hanga

Draft Night 2011 was a big night for the San Antonio Spurs. It signaled they are in a rebuilding mode of sorts after years of conservative moves while keeping the core rotation players intact they went and traded George Hill for the rights to Kawhi Leonard, Davis Bertans and Erazem Lorbek. The Spurs also ended up […]

Davis Bertans happy to end up with Spurs

San Antonio Spurs’ Davis Bertans has been a busy man these days. After being selected with the 42nd pick in the draft, he saw his draft rights shipped to the Spurs in one of the biggest draft day deals which saw George Hill sent to the Pacers. Currently, he’s preparing for the Under 19 World […]

Pitt’s Wanamaker to attend Spurs’ mini-camp

Add Pittsburgh’s Brad Wanamaker to the list of attendees at the San Antonio Spurs’ mini-camp this coming week. As Project Spurs’ Paul Garcia reported, the Spurs will hold a free agent mini-camp this week and Wanamaker will make his case to play in the NBA. But who is Wanamaker? Wanamaker is a combo guard and […]

What the Pacers are saying about Hill

Indiana Pacers’ George Hill’s tenure with the San Antonio Spurs ended last night. He was a fan, coach and front office favorite. Coach Gregg Popovich would often refer to George as his favorite player and upon trading him GM R.C. Buford said it was one of the most difficult decisions the Spurs had to make. […]

Three players the Spurs should consider at pick 29

For an NBA GM, Richard Jefferson’s contract seems to be on the level of being offered a two-week’s all expenses paid vacation to an island with active volcano along a faultline about to rupture. They can’t reject it fast enough. The San Antonio Spurs are reportedly insisting Jefferson and his lousy contract be included in every deal made […]

Former Spur Kerr weighs in on Jordan vs. James

Former San Antonio Spurs player Steve Kerr, like many others, has a dissenting opinion on Scottie Pippen’s judgement that Miami Heat’s Lebron James could be the greatest player of all time. He also also doesn’t agree in the direct comparison between their styles of play. He contends James is much more comparable to another all-time great, his former […]

So many questions, so little time

With all of the comments and questions coming in from Project Spurs’ readers regarding the offseason plans of the San Antonio Spurs, I thought a mailbag answer session was the most effective way of communicating back with all of those who submitted questions. I selected the best five questions to reply to, and if you didn’t make […]

Spurs’ Brungardt retires

Working behind the scenes of every NBA is a strength and conditioning coach. Some are good at their job and some set the professional standard. Mike Brungardt is one of the best in his field and is the only strength and conditioning coach in the history of the San Antonio Spurs franchise.  Brungardt is retiring after […]

Spurs’ three-point agenda for the offseason

Watching the San Antonio Spurs’ greatest weakness be exploited over and over again in the opening round series versus the Memphis Grizzlies, it was clear to Spurs fans what was needed upfront for the Spurs to succeed next year. More size. But that’s an overly simplistic view, and looking deeper into the numbers they paint […]

Mavs 2006 game 7 win over Spurs ranks among biggest Dallas playoff wins

Compiling a top 10 list of the biggest wins in Dallas Mavericks’ franchise playoff history is a difficult task given the fact every Dallas playoff run has ended in futility. Furthermore, no Mavericks’ biggest playoff win list would be without mentioning the San Antonio Spurs. But that is exactly what Richie Whitt at the Dallas […]

Former Spur Smith weighs in on the NBA Finals

A member of the San Antonio Spurs 2003 championship team, current NBA TV analyst Steve Smith gave his take on the 2011 NBA Finals series between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat with the series tied 2-2.  Smith pulled no punches when talking about LeBron James’ performance, says Tyson Chandler is the most important player for Dallas, and […]

Spurs to build via trade?

In an interview this morning with Ticket 760 AM in San Antonio, San Antonio Spurs’ GM R.C. Buford said the team would attempt to build via trade and not through the draft or free agency which is the team’s traditional route. This is big news coming from the Spurs who have always taken a pretty conservative approach […]

An in-depth look at Parker vs. Hill

Waking up in the morning and reading that San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker has verbally closed the window on the Spurs’ championship hopes will send you through a range of emotions from betrayal to personal angst. After your initial emotional impulse subsides, you begin to analyze the content of what he said. Is he […]

Assessing who the Spurs may draft

If you watched the way the San Antonio Spurs finished the season and read the extremely blunt interviews with coach Gregg Popovich in the aftermath of their playoff debacle, the off-season strategy to adding talent wasn’t going to be a mystery. The draft prospects they are targeting fit the mold of this off-season plan of […]

Four intriguing college prospects for Spurs

This year’s NBA draft doesn’t have multiple franchise players like in previous years but it is very evenly spread out in terms of talent. A team can find a starter late in the 1st round and decent rotation players in the second round in this draft. There is plenty of talent to be had just […]

Reflections on the Spurs season

In a season where a team carries the best record in basketball for much of the year then finishes up having the number one seed in its conference, then loses to the eighth seed for one of the only few times in NBA history, it’s safe to say it was a failed season for the San Antonio […]

Jefferson’s vanishing act

Before RC Buford made the trade to acquire Richard Jefferson, Jefferson was already showing signs of decline. You don’t usually get an Olympian and a 20 point a game scorer in the NBA who’s under 30 for spare parts and that’s exactly what the Spurs got him for. It’s no secret, Jefferson pulled a vanishing […]

Spurs’ bench hasn’t been up to snuff

Like every other aspect of this team, the San Antonio Spurs’ bench is under performing in this series against the Memphis Grizzlies. The bigs coming off the bench are playing worse than any Spurs playoff team I can remember. While the backcourt is producing up to their regular season averages, they haven’t been a viable […]