Ryan Richards signs with Greek team

The San Antonio Spurs have never been afraid of drafting a player and letting him develop overseas.  The "Draft and Stash" philosophy has helped the Spurs during their fifteen season playoff streak. The Spurs 2010 second round draft pick, Ryan Richards has spent the past two and a half years developing his game while playing […]

Video: Tim Duncan Likes His Humor Subtle

When your average NBA fan thinks of the San Antonio Spurs and their leader Tim Duncan, the term "funny guy" does not come to mind. However, former Spurs guard Brent Barry would like you to think otherwise. Apparently, TD is quite the funny guy… sort of. Barry was a guest on "The Starters" and spoke […]

The NBA is Watching the Spurs and Changing Their Tune

The notion of the San Antonio Spurs being a boring team, that no one wants to watch, has been thrown around so much among the media, league offices and front offices that it is starting to earn frequent flyer miles on all the major airlines. The funny thing is that team first concept and making […]

Rockets Feeling Elite after Defeating the Spurs

In the NBA teams are very aware that they are working with very small margins.  The difference between being a playoff team versus a lottery team is a very thin margin.  A few games lost here or there and you are sitting home during the playoffs. That same razor thin margin also exists between teams […]

Former Spur Neal Finding Grass Isn’t Always Greener

After being one of the key contributors in past San Antonio Spurs' playoff runs, Gary Neal was faced with a decision to either stay with a perennial championship contender or search for a bigger role and cash in with another team. As many before him have learned a bigger paycheck doesn’t always equal happiness or […]

Vince Carter: ‘Dwight’s the Biggest Crybaby I Know’

With friends like this, who needs enemies? Mavericks' Vince Carter and Rockets' Dwight Howard may be buddies (as Carter puts it) but if calling out your buddy as a "crybaby" then maybe that's not a friend. Carter, who spent a little more than a season in Orlando with Howard, said after the Mavericks’ 123-120 win […]

Video: Barkley rejoins the Spurs bandwagon

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong and “Sir” Charles Barkley sure does fit the bill. On a recent Inside the NBA segment, Barkley admitted that he was premature in writing off the “old” fellas that comprise the core of the San Antonio Spurs You would think that he would have […]

David Robinson: Hakeem Olajuwan Was the Toughest Center I Faced

When the battle for the Lone Star State was happening during the 1990s in the NBA, little did NBA fans know that they were getting a glimpse in to the future of the NBA. In a recent interview with Men’s Fitness, David Robinson discussed his military service, the current state of the NBA,along with his […]

Video: ‘The Admiral’ Shares His Thoughts on Hazing & Leadership

It would not be a surprise if you were to look up the words "Leadership" and "Integrity" in the dictionary and see the picture of “David Robinson. For over a decade, “The Admiral” lead the San Antonio Spurs both on and off the court and showed new teammates what was expected of them. So during […]

Popovich: Military Vets Not Properly Honored

When asked to describe San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich the most common words would be gruff, intimidating and non-cooperative. Anyone who has seen his one line in between quarter interviews would compare him to a bully or someone with a disdain for the media. Popovich tends to believe that less is more when […]

Former Spur Kerr doesn’t think Rockets are title contenders

The Houston Rockets are already reaping the benefits of signing the biggest free agent this summer.  The Rockets are off to a hot start at 4-2 and with Dwight Howard and James Harden in the fold, Houston may be looking at a deep playoff push. However, former San Antonio Spurs guard Steve Kerr doesn't think […]


Manu Ginobili says he is ‘no wimp’

After a season filled with more ups than downs, San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili looks like a different player early this 2013-14 NBA season. Last season, it seemed as if time had caught up with No. 20 and his best days were behind him. Fans wrote him off and even Manu admitted he lost the […]

Tim Duncan Not Amused with Nic Batum’s Last Second Heave

In the past, accomplishing a triple-double was something that deserved to be celebrated, but as in real life there is a right and wrong way to go after this achievement. No player wants their triple double to be tainted in any way. Unfortunately Nic Batum focus on getting that elusive triple double took precedence over […]

‘Sir Charles’ Slams the Spurs… Again

Sir Charles Barkley has always had a love/hate relationship with the fans of the San Antonio Spurs. If he is not undervaluing the team, then he is talking poorly about the women in San Antonio. So his comments during ESPN’s Monday Night Football game between the St Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, the “Round Mound of […]

Video: Duncan Doesn’t Want to forget Finals loss

With the San Antonio Spurs beginning their quest to return to the NBA Finals with a opening night victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.  The taste of how the things ended last June is still fresh in the mind of both Spurs fans and players alike. Before the home opener Tim Duncan shared his thoughts on […]

2013 NBA Census: An Unofficial Look at the NBA Landscape

As the 2013 NBA kicks off there is a sense of urgency among the San Antonio Spurs and their fan base to get the bad taste from last season’s NBA Finals out of their collective mouths. The time can not pass by quick enough for Spurs’ fans until the home opener begins against the Memphis […]

Video: Tim Duncan Shares Some of His Off-Court Passions

When the average San Antonio Spurs’ fan thinks bout Tim Duncan the words "stoic" and "even keeled" come to mind, but as the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. During the following interview with former teammate Fabricio Oberto on Oberto's new talk show, Duncan shared a few things that most people didn’t […]

Spurs Exercise Options on Cory Joseph and Kawhi Leonard

As the San Antonio Spurs look to bounce back from last season's disappointment, the Spurs have made their off season decisions with a return trip to the NBA Finals as their main focus.  While the goal of this season is clear, the Spurs are still keeping an eye on the big picture as well. With […]

Spurs Season Preview: New Additions Looking to Strengthen the Bench

Project Spurs kicks off its San Antonio Spurs 2013-14 season preview with an article from Paramjit Mahal on the two newest Spurs – Marco Belinelli and Jeff Ayres. With the bad taste of the NBA Finals still in their mouths, the San Antonio Spurs set forth during the off season to shore up the bench […]

Greg Oden Suffers Setback in Heat practice

A few months back, a portion of San Antonio Spurs fan base was disappointed that center Greg Oden choose not to sign with the silver and black despite his chronic knee issues which have, for the most part, derailed his NBA career. Well it appears that San Antonio may have dodged a bullet. Courtesy of […]